Taking Indigo-3G and Micro-PA at Different Times on On/Off Days?

Hey there, I lift every other day either late afternoon or early evenings if it’s on a weekday, say 5:30pm on average. I was wondering if it would work to take my I3G and Micro-PA at late afternoon for the days I lifted and then before lunch the following off day and have my biggest meal at lunch on off day? Or would it work better to keep the supplement timing consistent and have my biggest meal at a later time each day?

Also included in this: on weekends should I lift the same time as I do on weekdays or does it not matter if I do it earlier afternoon?

I can do either, but I tend to sleep a bit better if I eat most of my calories earlier in the day and lifting earlier is only an option on the weekends.

Also: on off days it is recommended to take Mag-10 after Micro-PA, how soon after that would be a good time for a meal, and thereby a good time to take I3G?


The actual time of day doesn’t need to be consistent. So like, you don’t need to take Indigo-3G or Micro-PA at 4pm every day of the week. You take them relative to your training on training days, and relative to a big meal on non-training days.

So whenever you lift, whatever time of day the clock says, take the Indigo-3G and Micro-PA about 45 minutes before training. On days you don’t lift, take Indigo-3G before your biggest meal of the day (whenever that would be) and take Micro-PA whenever, preferably with a pulse of Mag-10 about an hour after.

Mag-10 gets absorbed very quickly, so you could eat pretty much anytime after having a pulse. I’d take the Indigo-3G and Micro-PA at the same time, wait a bit, have some Mag-10, then have the big meal.

Super, thanks Chris.

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