Taking Control of Food and My Physique


As the title says, I’m battling food with the V-Diet. I am 5’4 and I got all the way up to 181 lbs. While I carried the weight fairly well, I was increasingly unhappy with what I saw… and the scale just kept going up.

I would love to blame my weight gain on someone but I know that those are just excuses. There are no excuses for losing control. I lost control of my food intake, sometimes eating way past the full point. I became a binge eater I’m sure because of some lack of confidence somewhere in life. I know that I can credit my current relationship to bringing a more realistic view to things. Not only do I have a very healthy relationship, my boyfriend is very fitness oriented, thus bringing my attention to my own fitness… or lack thereof.

I have been reading about the V-Diet for some time now… even as I kept gaining weight I knew I wanted to do it. I have been a student of fitness for the last year. The nerd in me loves reading the articles here on T, but that was just it. I loved the brainy part of it all and couldn’t figure out “do” part.

I refuse to fail anymore. I am a little late starting my log, but here I am, day 5 and going strong. I have never been happier. I am taking control and loving every minute… well almost.

I am not a huge fan of the shakes, but I can chug one in under 5 minutes and then chew a fiber tablet and be fine. Not going to lie, but my lower intestines aren’t exactly having a ball of it all but, I think I will survive for 23 more days. :slight_smile:

Mood-wise I have been ok until the last couple of days, it might be the fact that I get moody pretty sporadically anyway, but I have just felt like hiding in a hole, only coming out for shakes and the gym. I have been social in spite of that though, I don’t want to fall off the horse just because emotionally I’m being a little bitch.

I am beyond hesitant to post a before pic. Maybe I will after I post my afters.

But here are my before measurements.
178.8 lbs

(in inches)
Around my stomach at my Navel: 39
Waist : 33
Bicep- Not flexed : 13.5(L) 14 ®
Forearms : 10.75 (L) 11®
Mid thigh : 26.5 (L & R)
Calves : 17.5 (L & R)
Bust : 41.5
Butt : 45

I’m going to try to keep a daily log of how I feel and whatnot. I’m due for measurements Monday night.


Kumi, Good luck! I’ll be keeping up to date with your posts.


I know how hard it can be to bridge the gap between KNOWING what to do and actually doing it.

Looks like you are on the right path. Best of luck. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help and inspiration if you feel like things are getting to challenging. Once you get past the first 4-7 days, things get much easier.


Ah! now the pressure is really on! I have watchers!! :slight_smile:

I had my first HSM tonight and boy was it like heaven! An oriental chicken salad from Applebee’s with grilled chicken and I dipped my bites a little in the dressing rather than drowning the whole thing. I feel pretty good about it especially considering I stopped when I was full and made sure not to just eat because it was still on the table. I also caught up with a friend of mine whilst eating, so two birds with one stone.

I can’t wait for the final results, but I feel like 3 weeks isn’t enough for me to really lose that much! 15lbs would be heaven though, and would really be a great start to showing myself I CAN do it. :slight_smile:


Saturday was a pretty rough day. I woke up late and not in the greatest of moods. So my shakes were set off by a few hours. Sunday, on the other hand, I woke up relatively early- 10ish- which is about normal for me. (I know, I know… I’m still trying to get my sleeping patterns where they need to be.)

I was in the best of moods the whole day and my diet stayed right on schedule. All thanks to the constant reminders from my boyfriend, Mark. I’m considering extending the diet an extra day or two to make up for it. What do you think?

It’s getting harder and harder to drink the shakes. I’m doing it, and I refuse to quit, but I keep just staring at the shake having to convince myself to drink the damn thing.
I think I’ve hit the grinding period, where I just have to suck it up and push through.

I refuse to be antisocial just because my friends are eating at restaurants I like, so I go with them and tough it out. Not only does it royally suck to sit there and watch them eat, I get this awesome sense of pride once we leave, just because I know I didn’t give in. In spite of it being right in front of me. Mark has been really supportive though. Every time he eats, which is a lot because he is trying to gain weight, he is sure to tell me that it’s disgusting and I wouldn’t want it anyway. :slight_smile:

I haven’t been doing my NEPA walks. I know I need to fix this and I was planning on trying to do them in the morning, but I usually wake up just in time to get ready for work. I work out at 6 or 7pm so I don’t know when I could do the NEPA other than the morning. I’ve got to work on getting to sleep earlier so I can get up. I was hoping to have all this fixed by the end of week one!

Speaking of the end of week one, I am due for measurements tonight. I feel like I have lost some weight, but I’m not really sure… I’m hoping the measurements will tell me for sure.


Here’s a little tidbit just because I think its cool- I feel more confident already. I feel good about my discipline, I feel good about what I have to look forward to and I feel good about the changes I can see and feel, inside and out.
I’ve been walking around work feeling like a goddess all day. :slight_smile:


WTF… I posted like four days ago!! Where did it go?!?
I was a little late posting my second measurements, but I swear I posted them. I also added an edit to the post before that, I see the edit is not there either. ugh.

Well lets just say, I have been in a great mood this whole time, I’m seeing changes I really didn’t think I would ever see, but its great!

Here are my measurements, and I’m sorry if they aren’t formatted like the ones above. My boyfriend typed them out for me so they aren’t in the same order or anything.
173 lbs
Forearm R= 11 L=10 1/2
Bicep R=13 L=13
Thigh 25 1/2 both
Navel 37
Waist 32
Bust 40
Calf R= 17 1/4 and L=17
Butt= 43
11 inches in ONE WEEK. I knew this diet would work, but shit…it’s like its just melting off.

I’ve been really good about not eating anything, but my timing is still a little off sometimes. I’m just not used to having to eat so often. With my reflux I literally could go more than 6 hours without being hungry and still be refluxing lunch.
Today hasn’t been the best day for anything. My mood has been shitty and therefore the rest of everything has been pretty shitty.

I don’t know if this is what everyone means by the grind but I want food. Everything I see I want. I’m smelling food that’s not there. I had my HSM last night and while it wasn’t fast food, it still wasn’t the best. So I am not exactly proud of it.

Long story short, my boyfriend wanted to take me out on a date so we went to the local Japanese steakhouse. I had the soup, some of my salad, hibachi chicken, the vegetables that they cook right there in front of you, and some of a sushi roll. It was better than it could of been, but not my pride moment. I was proud of controlling how much I ate. That’s what I really have a problem with.

On another note, has anyone else been experiencing super charged emotions on this diet? I mean when I am happy I’m really fucking happy. When there is something even remotely sad in a movie I almost can’t control myself and I tear up. I have certain mood swings that I am used to, but I wonder if this diet can mess with hormone levels that would make my emotions go mildly haywire.

I could probably keep going but this isn’t a blog so I wont bore anyone any longer. :slight_smile:


Good job so far! 11 inches in a great starting point for sure!

I don’t have any of the emotional things going on, but I had some food issues yesterday after my HSM. I haven’t craved any food for the last week, until yesterday. I think it was just do to having eaten the day before. Today though no more craving, it’s got to be some odd mental thing.

Either way keep it up!


For anyone who was wondering where I went, lets just say blogging/logging/remembering to do things isn’t exactly my forte.

Just to clue everyone in, (in the off chance anyone cares) I did in fact complete the Vdiet. I lost approximately 15 lbs total which was amazing.
In all honesty though, I royally fucked the transition phase… and by fucked I mean I was so tired of shakes that I said fuck it after about a week. I did really well eating healthy until about 3 weeks ago when I let things completely slip I started back with my late night snack runs with the guys (which is half the reason I am where I am weight-wise right now). That lasted about 3 days before I started feeling the shitty food and feeling like an absolute fat ass. Needless to say, I gained back about 5-7 lbs between the slipping and the absolute giving in.

I picked my shit back up though, there is no way that I am going to let that month of shakes and all that money go to waste. I’m thinking about doing another cycle when I can afford it, but only thinking about it… I have to admit I’m worried about missing food again. I just have to get back into the mindset that food isn’t about taste, its about health and sustaining my body and giving it what it needs.

As of 2 weeks ago, I’m back on track. I started back with a 4 day “transition phase” (if you will) and now I am cooking almost every meal and making it protein dominant. Those meals that I do eat out, they are carefully selected and still protein dominant. I still have a shake every now and again, but for the most part I’m working with Chicken, beef and Turkey, with a little bison here and there.

My workouts are also getting better and more intense. Complexes followed by some Tabata band work. Its a workout put together by my boyfriend and I have to say, while completely kicking my ass, I feel the fat melting off. In just a week of this my body composition has aready started changing drastically, my weight hasn’t changed much, but I can see more definition in my arms and legs, and the fat that I am trying to get rid of literally doesn’t fit on my body anymore. It used to be just a part of me, I was a soft built curvy woman, but now the fat just doesn’t fit anymore. I’m loving it.

My goal from here on out is to pretty much plague this thing with posts. I feel like it keeps me honest, Like Shugart says, those who keep logs usually are more successful.

I have about a month and a half before my birthday. That’s my goal date. I have yet to set out definite terms, but I know what I want to look like by then, and I plan on making goals based on that. I’m thinking another 10 pounds would be good.

Lastly, as for pictures, I am too ashamed to post anything right now. I am not obese, but I’m not where I want to be so, when I get closer to comfortable with my body, I might start posting old pics, but for now we will just go by numbers. Speaking of which, I need to measure soon.

Wish me luck!


I have yet to do measurements, but I know as of 2 days ago I was 169 lbs.
Last week was only decent for working out, I missed a workout or two, but I tried eating right for the most part… until the end of the week. The weekends always get me.

As of Thursday though, I don’t have a car. Front end of Kia Optima meet tailgate and trailer hitch of Ford pickup. Guess who won that fight. Hopefully we will have the car back up and going in a week or so.
Basically I have been resorting to borrowing my mother’s car when she doesn’t need it, and bumming rides with friends to get to work and to find food.

I bought groceries for my mom’s house so that I can eat there most of the days of the week, but getting there has been a problem. I mostly live with my boyfriend and we shared a car so figuring out how to get to my mom’s house has been a bit of trouble.

Anyway, this week though, I’ve got it. I’m keeping track of what I eat, when I actually manage to get my hands on food, and I am going to work out MWF and do my Karate class Tues. and Thurs. I actually am planning on learning some tricking too, like kicks and flips and stuff, so that will be a little bit of an extra workout on the weekends as well.

Plans plans plans, they mean nothing until they are put into action.
I have about a month to lose about another 10 lbs. I know its not exactly logical unless I do another cycle of V-diet, but I sure as hell am going to try. Like I said, I might even do a weeklong mini v diet to get my body primed for the weight loss and fat burning. :slight_smile:


way to go kumi!


I started a new log on blogger. For some reason, I find it easier to log, when I also blog and rant about nothing important. I really wouldn’t want to bore people here with all that.

The long and short of it?
I did the V-Diet, lost 15lbs, didn’t follow through transition phase, slowly went back to shitty eating habits, gained 20lbs, kicked my self in the face, lost 10 lbs again (over the last 3 weeks) and I am trying to keep on going and lose another 15-20.

(I cant afford V-Diet so I’m living on meat, shakes, and working out 4 or 5 times a week.)

My boyfriend has decided that if I reach my goals he will take me shopping at Victoria’s Secret. (I’m addicted to anything from there mostly because his step mom (no at all an evil step mom) has bought me my b-day and Christmas presents from there for the last 2 years. I get to spend $50 if I lose 20 by the end of may and $100 if I lose 25 or 30. Either way, its something to work for. :smiley:

Also, I submitted myself into the Muscle and Fitness Rock Hard Challenge competition. A) it gives me deadlines, B) I really want to send a better “after” picture than my “before” and C) If I happen to win I could really use the free supplements for a year, and the $2500. I would rather have Biotest supps but, I mean, free is free.

I feel like I am doing really well, so that is definitely helping me keep up my diet and workout plan and positivity.

Also, I have new maxes:
Squat 135lbs
Deadlift 175lbs
Overhead Press 75lbs
Bench Press 75lbs

I have no idea why my bench is the same as my overhead. I know my upper body is weak, and I have bad shoulders, but I guess I’m just really, really, oddly weak. That will be remedied soon.