Taking Back Control of My Life

“This is me taking back control of my life. What the fuck have you done lately?”

So I am currently on day seven of the V-Diet. I have attempted the V-Diet a few times before and failed miserably. I decided not to start a forum until I knew that my head was on straight and I wasn’t going to let myself down. I have my HSM tomorrow and I will post my week 1 results along with my beginning measurements tomorrow as well. My biggest obstacle right now is being a cook for my job, so I am always around food and making it. I’ve worked 6/7 days so far however and have had no mistakes. I’m in this for the long haul.

Awesome. Keep us posted!

Day 8 (First HSM)


Front Squat (4x5): 185, 195, 205, 205
Chin up (5x4): Bodyweight
Dumbell bench (4x5): 100’s x 4sets
ab rollout (4x5): bodyweight

All in all the workout today went very smooth. I couldn’t crank out 5 chin ups each set because I’m a fatass so I had to do one extra set of four at the end of the routine.

I hyped up my HSM for the last three days. I decided to grill a 10 oz steak, accompanied by a big walleye fillet. Much to my surprise after I had finished the meal, I wasn’t satisfied. I felt just as satisfied as I would have as if I had a three scoop shake. Looks like I’m getting where I want to be mentally to do this. Below are my measurements from the start to now. I also am posting progress pictures, but due to the shitty quality it doesn’t seem to show much of a difference. I can definitely see the difference myself though, as shows the measurements as well.

Start Week 1 (day 8)

Weight: 245 236
Waist: 39" 38.5"
Chest: 46" 46.5"
Neck: 17.5" 16.5"
Bicep: 16" 15.5"
shoulders: 54" 52.5"
calf: 16" 15.5"
ankle: 10.5" 10.5"
hips: 41" 40"
waist (largest): 43" 42"


My love handles are brutal

Day 10


Reverse Lunge: 135 4x10
Standing Barbell Row: 135 4x10
Push Press: 135 4x10
Barbell Curl: 95 4x10
Reverse Crunch: 35# plate 4x10

I weighed myself out of curiosity to see where I was at after the HSM. I still weighed the same as I did before I ate my HSM. I was wondering how much some of you people out there gain after each HSM? I won’t really care how much I gain as long as I start losing a shitload over the next four days. If i don’t lose a reasonable amount by Tuesday I will just have to adjust my caloric level accordingly.

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