Taking Advantage of Insulin Sensitivity with Indigo-3G, Plazma, 1-Hour Workout


I have a pretty good knowledge about how insulin works and also glycemic control. I have tended to do well on a fairly low carb, (25%) high fat (50%) diet baseline with extra carbs on training days for several years, but I have been using Plazma for my training recently to get my carbs in before and during training.

Here is the morning training protocol that I have been trying:

8:00 am: 6 Indigo-3G, cup of black coffee
8:30 am: 1 scoop Plazma
8:45-9:45 training hard, sets of 6-12, 3-4 big exercises, total body or push pull split (finish second plasma after second exercise)
10:45 take Mag-10 pulse

I felt great, finished strong, had a lasting pump, but at 10:45 decided to check my blood sugar and it was at 60 (double checked it). It had been 115 right before training after the first Plazma scoop was down.

I do not believe I had a low blood sugar at the end of my training but that it came on in the hour after. My main question is whether this is probably due to over releasing insulin to the Plazma carbs, or more of being very insulin sensitive with the Indigo-3G in my system and the hard workout, or just a little of both?

But primarily, how should I approach this? Should I get down the Mag-10 sooner after the workout since my blood sugar is going to be coming down, or should I move my pre-workout Plazma closer to the workout so there is not as much insulin in my system when I start training hard, or cut the Indigo-3G and move it to dinner?

Not really concerned about the low blood sugar 2 hours after Plazma with training. It seems clear that I got an insulin spike, and also put those carbs into muscles as I doubt that my body was packing 75 grams of Plazma carbs into fat cells while I was getting a fantastic workout, just wondering how to take advantage of what seems to be high insulin sensitivity 30-60 minutes after the training.


My first thought is to try nursing the Plazma throughout most, if not all, of the workout instead of finishing it before you’re even halfway done with the training.

I’d try this next.

You said you’re fairly new to using Plazma, but generally go low carb with your diet. Could be that your body’s not used to have a day (or more)-worth of carbs in an hour and a half. So tweaking the timing (stretching out the Plazma dose and adjusting the Mag-10 timing) is probably the simplest solution.