Taking a Smaller Dose on Off Days


Hi, a few days ago I ordered 2 bottles of Indigo-3G.

I’ll be training 4 days a week and eat 360-400 g of carbs a day. I’ll try and have more carbs later in the day both on training days (I train at 6 Pm) and on non-training days (to be consistent with the indication of the label to take it prior to dinner. After dinner I’ll have another meal with carbs in it before bed as well.)

So since I’m on a budget, I want to try and make my Indigo last as long as possible.

What about taking 6 capsules on training days and 4 on off days? Will this still provide an effective dose?

This should allow me to make it one more week with my 2 bottles (5 weeks instead of 4).

Let me know


I haven’t tried taking a smaller dose, but considering the label recommends taking 4 to 6 capsules, I would imagine you’ll still be pleased with your results.


Thank you!

So I’ll get my bottles in a few hours and I have a question…

I just finished lyle mcdonald psmf diet, and it has me eating at maintenance for a week after it’s over, before moving to another regime.

Until Monday, I’ll be eating at around maintenance (2,500 kcal and about 250 g of carbs, rather than 3,200 kcal with 400 g of carbs like from next week). I’ll still be training hard during this week.

Do you recommend I start taking Indigo as soon as today when I receive it or wait until I increase carbs on Monday? I’m afraid of wasting it if I start today since I’m not consuming as many cals and carbs.