Taking a Pre-Workout Before Plazma, Mag-10

I have a pre-workout I really like. Is it ok to take this before my initial pre-workout Plazma? I want to make sure I’m not negatively affecting the Indigo-3G, Plazma by taking a pre-workout.

This also applies to taking any type of stimulant to help with that addl energy. I am a father of twins and I need that pick-me-up sometimes to get through my workouts.

Double-check the label (we don’t post outside links on this site) and make sure there are no overlapping ingredients with things like citrulline malate or betaine. Other that than, it should be fine if you need it.

There’s nothing wrong with strategically using stimulants as long as you don’t over-rely on them. Once in a while, when I need a serious eye-opener, I’ll pour a Spike Shooter right into my Mag-10 in the morning. So, nope, there’s no interaction with stimulants and things like Indigo-3G, Plazma, or Mag-10.

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I will double check the pre-workout ingredients, thanks. Does Mag-10 or Plazma provide sufficient energy/pump before a workout? I use actual pre-workout only twice a week during more grueling workouts with my trainer. Rest of the time I use a amino/caffeine mixture like amino energy and amino lift.

The amino lift/amino energy probably can’t go with the Mag-10 due to the addl amino acids in it. From what I’ve seen in the forums it would negate what Mag-10 is doing.

Do you recommend another caffeine product/stimulant to use with Mag-10?

Plazma is designed to maximize the pump, Mag-10 not so much.

If it’s just amino acids (like BCAAs) and some kind of stimulant, it wouldn’t “negate” Mag-10. If anything it’d just be redundant. I took a quick look at those two and they’re meh.

Any of the Spike line would be a good choice. But NoDoz or plain old boring caffeine is a classic standby.

I’ll look into the spike line. If the amino energy/lift won’t negate anything the mag-10 is doing then I’ll take them as needed for a lift.

But first I’ll see how I feel on the plazma, may not need anything. Thanks!

@lmarkis, we don’t have twins, but as the father of a four-week old baby, Spike has saved my ass many times over already.

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