Take Supplements Together?

brianmandel asks:

Would it be okay to take Micro-PA, Carbolin-19, and Flameout at once?

“At once” meaning popping all the pills at the exact same time? Not really, because more efficiently used at different times of the day.

Specifically, on days you train, you want to have Micro-PA about an hour before training. You could take Carbolin-19 at that time, too. (and the second dose, as the label says, 6 hours before or after.)

But Flameout isn’t meant to be taken that close to a workout because it has anti-inflammatory effects and that can actually interfere with the training stimulus. I’d have the Flameout with a meal, just not immediately pre or post-workout.

On days you don’t train, I’d take Flameout with any meal and the others any other time of day.

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