Taddpole's March Velocity Diet

YES! My package has arrived. I got my supps for the month and about half my Metabolic Drive. Ill have to order a little more in a week or so to finish out and do the transition. This will be my second attempt at the Velocity Diet and my first complete success. The first time I did it I used HOT-ROX and some Metabolic Drive. I used ON casein and whey mostly. Not a good choice. I also didnt use surge. So I basically didnt do the V-Diet. Something similiar.

There wasnt an official workout then so I think I did a Waterbury total body. I had a couple of cheat meals when I wasnt supposed to. My HSM were just whatever I wanted. I even took a weekend off and went camping and ate a bunch of junk and drank beer. The crazy thing is that I still lost 13 pounds. There wasnt a transition then but I kept eating clean and lost a few more lbs to 194 by my home scale.

Thats the lightest Ive been since I was probably 19. I weighed 208 according to my scale sat morn. This time around Im doing the diet down to the letter. Im also going to use L Luceine. I may go on and get some Biotest BCAAs too. Ive been reading this site since 2000 and really appreciate what TC, Chris and Tim Patterson have done along with the other contributors. If you just read all this thank you and sorry if it was long.

Awesome. All I need to do is get some Superfood coming. The new workouts look great.

This has worked out good. The diet evolved a week before I was gonna start. I have my Superfood ordered now. I already had the Leuciene. Now its just getting it done.

Biotest and Fedex are on it. I ordered my Superfood fri at lunch and ti was here mon morn. Awesome.

I’ll be on board in March on the 9 is my start day.

[quote]taddpole wrote:
Biotest and Fedex are on it. I ordered my Superfood fri at lunch and ti was here mon morn. Awesome.[/quote]

It’s Monday and your probably now on lock down. Good luck.

[quote]300 wrote:

It’s Monday and your probably now on lock down. Good luck.[/quote]

Im gonna start next monday. Ive got to go to the doctor and get something checked out. It could be something serious but hopefully not.

I went and got blood drawn this morning. Afterwards I was starving so I figured I havent had any McD’s breakfast in a while and I probabbly wont have any till after the summers over, so I got an egg mcmuffin and a bacon egg and cheese. Those D A 's gave me a sausage and biscuit instead of my BEC. I shoulda went back. Oh well. Didnt need it anyways.

Good luck man! Sounds like your gonna make it work!

I’m starting Tomorrow, Good Luck with yours.

you’re invited to follow my blog and progress if you want!

best in strength,


I started my diet Sun. What sucks is I woke up About 2 that morn aching and had a low grade fever. I went on and started the diet anyway. Unless it turns into an all out case of the flu, Im gonna tough it out.


I must say I had no hunger. I had to force down my last 2 Shakes. I found out Superfood is some nasty crap. And Surge is almost to sweet. Metabolic Drive is great though. Y workouts are ganna be sun tue and thu, with vburn on fri/sat. I got my first workout in even though I didnt feel real great. Also got my NEPA walk in.

Another Nice surprise was that I woke up and we had About 10inches of snow on the ground. I live in weset tennessee and I think thats the most snow Ive ever seen. What sucks is the ice and snow took down about 4 pine trees across my driveway. I had to call my brother in law to bring a chainsaw and cut me out. Ill post some before pics in a little bit.

oops. Didnt bring my before pics to work with me. I did get a good report at the doc fri. He was really impressed with my blood work. My hdl wasnt as good as I thought it should be, but I dont really know what else to do to raise it.

Thanks for sending the snow to us! my NEPA this afternoon will be shoveling. lol Good luck on the plan.

I have a flu like virus but not the flu. So Im postponing this until next Sun. IF i was a week in instead of one day I would tough it out.

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