Taddpole Didn't Do It

This may be long.

So, I had posted a thread getting ready to start my V-Diet March 1. I had my supps and was psyched to have the 3.0 to do. Woke up on mar 1to 10 ins of snow, trees across my driveway and a fever. I went on and started my diet, drank my shakes for the day and got my workout in. Didnt feel great but didnt feel bad either.

MArch 2
Felt like crap. Went on and packed my baggies of protein and supps for the day. Had a fever. I drank my first two shakes of the day, but just kept feeling worse. I posted on here asking what I should do and went to the doctor about lunch. I had decided by the time I got back to work that I would have to postpone the djiet a week. Chris had posted back and said the same thing, that if it was a fever to postpone the diet.

March 5
Left work early on tues, stayed home on wed and left work early thurs. By thurs afternoon I was feeling worse than ever. Even though I had been taking tylenol and advil, my fever just kept going up. I had been having chills and shakes and hot flashes all week. So I got up and went to a walk in clinic before they closed. I just kept getting more and more nauseated. When they tried to check me for the flu I got gagged up and threw up at the doctors office. So anyways this idiot tells me I have bronchitis. I didnt have a cough and my sinuses were clearer than they had been in years. Head up his ass. Went home.

March 6
Stayed home from work but went by to pick up some things to do at home. My bosses wife said I looked yellow like I was having liver problems. Hmmm.

March 7
Noticed my eyes were turning yellow. Not good. This was the sickest I had been in a while for a whole week.

March 9
While I was at work I started studying on my symptoms and everything pointed to hepatitis. Not good. My wife came to the same conclusion at home.

March 10
Got a doctors appointment that morning. Had bloodwork done and my liver enzymes were way out of whack. She said she was going to send off and get a hepatitis panel done. I was starting to worry a little then.

MArch 11
Get a call back from the doc. All the hepatitis tests were negative.(whew). She set me up a catscan for the next morn.

MArch 12
She gets the catscan results back that afternoon. Says that there isnt any blockage causing my liver any problems so we are back to not knowing what it is. I spend the next few days wondering if it was something I was eating, taking or doing to myself.

March 17
I went back today. The doc said they noticed that my spleen was enlarged on the catscan so they ran a test and it turns out I had mono, and after reading up on it I found it it can F up your liver. Now Im not supposed to do any heavy lifting for a while because there is danger of rupturing your spleen.

Needless to say the V-Diet has been put on hold. I was eating clean and losing weight before I was gonna start so Ill just go back to that for now. Sorry this was long and thanks to anybody who read it.

Man, that is rough. It sucks to have to deal with medical issues. Take care and get well. The V-Diet can wait for when your body is ready.

I did a little more reading on mono yesterday. They say it can take months to get over the fatigue. So I guess Im goonna take a couple more weeks off from lifting, but its driving me crazy. I felt really focused before this started. I had been for a physical and check up 2 days before it hit. The doctor was really impressed with my bloodwork and saidI was in great shape. I felt good and strong. But oh well. Poop happens. I need a hobby or spmething so I dont lose my mind. I am going to go see the celtics play memphis saturday though. At least thats something to look forward to this weekend.

I’m sorry to hear that man, however, i have had a decent amount of friends contract mono in exactly the way you describe, and after a few hours of extra sleep for 2 weeks or so were back to nearly full strength and energy. because you have already probably had mono for a month being that the symptoms take a week or 2 to kick in you may be closer to being done with it then you think…hang in there

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