T-Wrecks' V-Diet Log (M/23)

Hello everyone.

I’ve been meaning to try the V-Diet for a long time.
I’m currently 170lbs and ~20% b.f.

I ordered my supplements today. I’ll start next Monday.

I’ll try to post measurements and pictures later tonight.

Going to explain my reasons for the V-Diet. Hopefully, in 10 days or so when I’m questioning every decision I’ve ever made, this will remind myself why I’m doing the V-diet.

For a few years (End of highschool, beginning of college) I was an in an out of the gym kinda guy, not really into free-weights. Hung out by the machines. Still ate like crap.

I stopped working a part-time stocking job and started a part-time desk job. At some point I went from 155lbs to 175lbs. ~30% body fat.

I ended up getting a new roommate who frequented this site. He decided that it was his personal project to, as he put it: “Get rid of my man titties.”

I made a personal goal to make 15% body fat.
I hit 11%.
Unfortunately, I didn’t have the muscle to back it up. I dropped from 175lbs to 130lbs in about 6 months.

I’ve graduated college, started master’s school, and have a full time desk job. Graduating didn’t help my eating habits, and I wasn’t as hard on myself with clean eating as I should have been.
Now, I’m back up to 170, lifting heavier but gaining in body fat steadily.

I’ve been eating clean for 1 month now. No candy, no donuts, no crap. It’s been 3 weeks since my last beer. I turned down red velvet cake and hot wings (personal favorites) this weekend.

I’m ready.

Pics and measurements every Sunday, starting this weekend.

Starting V-diet tomorrow.
Doing the intermediate program.
I’m a competitive fencer/asst. coach. I’m going to cut back while on the program, focus more on coaching and less on actual fencing. This should cover my walk for the day (2x a week, 3x on a tournament weekend).

I’ve got all my shakes made up for tomorrow.
Have some Surge measured out in ziplock bags. (I work out on my lunch break)

Measurements:(not sure I did these right)
Weight: 165lbs
Height: 5’9"
Neck: 14
Shoulder: 21
Upper Chest: 37.5
Lower Chest: 36
Navel: 32.5
Hips: 34.5
Upper Arm Left: 12.5
Upper Arm Right: 13
Upper Leg Left: 23
Upper Leg Right: 23
Ankle Right: 8.5
Ankle Left: 8.5

Pictures incoming.
(as soon as I DL Gimp and shrink them…)





T-Wrecks, nice to know we will do this together, lets kill it…

Day 1:

Strawberry Drive for breakfast.

Workout 1:
Front Squat: 115lbs; 5,5,5,5
Chin Up: Body Weight + 25lbs; 5,5,1,3,2,1,2,1
Dumbbell Bench: 55lbs each; 5,5,5,5
Ab Wheel: 5,5,5,5

Post Workout: Surge Original

The front squat weight did not feel heavy to me, just awkward. I’ve never been comfortable doing a front squat as opposed to doing a normal squat. I just don’t feel stable with any more weight. I’ll try to up the weight to 135 next time.

Chin ups… got my ass kicked. Probably a good weight for me to work with.

Dumbell Bench: I went a little low with these too. I’m used to using the bar, and was a bit nervous about using the bells. Underestimated myself. I’ll try and up these to 65 the next time around.

The abwheel is surprisingly more effective than I thought it would be.

Time for my Vanilla Lunch!


Got my 6am ‘cardio’ in, walk around a lake by my place. 2.5mi (according to google maps), took about 45min.

So far so good. Yesterday the shakes made me very full. For bedtime, I put pure almond butter in. Delicious.

Today, I’m feeling satisfied, but not full. A long day for me, so I’ve got all my shakes at work. Going to have the dinner shake at 5:30, right before my night class. I’ll bring a fiber tablet along, just in case. So far I haven’t had any fiber tablets - I don’t want to rely on them to keep me full.

Starting to get cravings for, well, shit food. No wonder I went so off track.

The girlfriend asked me why I was doing this.
If I can do this, I can do anything. At this point, I want to prove to myself that I can tough this out. That I have the mental fortitude/willpower to beat my crappy habits.

Day 3:

I got so tired last night. Out of class by 8pm and in bed at 9:30pm. Slept like a rock.
Last nights shake: 1 Scoop Strawberry, 1 Scoop Vanilla, 2 tbsp Natural Peanut Butter

Another good day so far. Got kind of hungry just before lunch so I went to the gym.

Reverse Lunge: 45lb dumbbells
Bent Over Row: 35lb dumbbells
Push Press: 30lb dumbbells
Barbell Curl: 65lb
Reverse Crunch

Pretty sure I did the Reverse Lunges incorrect, I did 8 total when it should be 8 each leg. (Double checking: yes I did it wrong.) I’ll fix this next time around.
Bent over row started at 30lb. Decided that was too easy and started over with 35.
I’ve never liked the Push Press, liked it even less standing up. Means I need to work at it harder. Did it standing up.
Barbell Curl started strong, but I couldn’t hit more than 4 for some reason.
Reverse Crunch felt very, very easy. May be doing it wrong.

Besides that, another long day. Dinner shake is 2scoops strawberry with a dash of cinnamon and a drop of coconut extract flavoring. Should be interesting to try.

Day 4:

Hard. Hard to stay on track today.

Due to snow, work/school was canceled. Stayed home just about all day.
My roommate cooked spaghetti with fresh chicken breast on top, made cookies and brownies, and required a 20 minute explanation for why I couldn’t drink with him.

Watching TV with my girlfriend, it took everything I had not to just call and order a pizza with a side of hot wings. Just getting cabin fever.

Staying busy with work and school makes not focusing on food easy. I think every weekend is going to be tough.

Gym closed tomorrow, too. Going to have to move Friday’s workout to Saturday, and do my V-burn on Sunday.
Finishing my bedtime shake, another successful day.

As a side note: Anyone else notice an increase in your ability to smell food?

I swear - I was walking around the other day and could smell grilled sausage. Then I smelled fresh onion. 20 minutes later I finally found the source: a hotdog vendor about a football field away.

Sitting in class, I smelled subway Spicy Italian on the Italian Herbs and Cheese bread. Turns out, that’s what a guy across the room had an hour ago.

Haha, I know what you mean about smelling food, it all looks and smells so good to me too… My HSM is Sunday night (great timing for Valintines Day) and I am already starting to “dream” about grilled chicken…

Yeah, my bedtime is 3 scoops…prob cuz im a fat bastard… I started this morning doing a scoop of Chocolate and a scoop of another flavor and I stopped Blending, that seems to help. I like the idea of cinnamon, gotta try it. Also i think im going to start eating the PB by it self, maybe that would help.

Ditto on the food smell thing: “Did someone just walk through here with a sandwich? Correction, a Black Forest Ham sandwich on french bread with dijon mustard and aged swiss cheese? With a pickle on the side? Based on the residual fragrance in the air, I’d say it was probably about 12.8 minutes ago.”

Day 5&6:

Nothing special to report on day 5.

Got my workout on day 6. Had to dodge cupcakes, pretzels, and beer.

Workout Results:
Deadlift: 205lb

Decline Bench Dumbbells: 55lb

Chin Up: Body Weight

Handwalkout (from knees)

Good weight for deadlift and decline bench.
Chin up was pretty terrible. By the end, I felt like puking.

Valentine’s day going to a steakhouse for my HSM. I’ll take pictures before.

Day 7:
1st week down.

Morning Weight: 162.00lb

V-Burn: 45.54 minutes

Took pics before the HSM (12oz steak, salad, sweet potato from Texas Land and Cattle)
Showed them to my girlfriend… she can’t tell which one is the newest pic. Oh well, it’s only been one week. Here we go - week 2!

(pictures up later tonight)



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