T-Nation Levels


It says on that “As your purchases increase, your Level will increase, which will also give you access to special privileges and greater discounts.” Is there any more specific information anywhere about these privileges and discounts? I’ve been level 5 for years, and have never heard of any.


I would also like to know about these levels…I am a level 100…but i don’t see a change in content.


Seems like we may never know.


Maybe if I keep typing stuff an admin will see this and give us further details about these levels.


I’m not an admin or anything, but if you really want to know about it I would imagine you could call Biotest customer service, they’ve always been very helpful every time I’ve needed to call.


I think the only thing I receive is the semi regular 20% discount over the standard 15%. So all you receive is an extra 5%. Never received anything further and I’ve been a level 100 for years


How do you find out what level your on?


Unless I’m mistaken, the levels are no longer part of the forum system (This thread was from last year). Biotest Customer Service - email - might be able to let you know more specifically though.