T-Minus 6 Days and Counting

Early 2008 I weighed in at 245lbs and decided I was going to lose some weight. Being a stubborn know-it-all I then went to the internet and put together a diet and exercise plan. Two months later I had lost 20lbs and 4" around the waist. However I then lost interest (Personal tragedy lending to depression) and completely stopped going to the gym.

I did continue to eat healthy but I "“Cheated” often. At the beginning of the year a challenge started to run around the office at work. A winner take all bet of who would lose the most weight by the end of the year. Of course I could not pass on the chance to join the challenge. I was amazed when I stepped on the scale and still weighed 225lbs. I even bragged how a simple diet could help maintain ones weight.

So I started back to the gym and cut out most but not all of the cheat meals. Near the end of March I step back on the scale and my heart sunk, not one pound lost. And then I measured! Sure my weight had stayed the same after all that time but I had lost size in all the wrong places and gained size in all the wrong places. My gut was even bigger than it had been back in 2008. That was it, time to get serious!

I again started to put together a plan. I asked a co-worker what protein shake he used and he gave the link to T-Muscle. After looking a few days of reading I have decided to forgo my know-it-all knowledge and give the v-diet a shot. I will officially start Monday May 3rd with this Saturday being the official weigh in and measure day. This week will be a practice run so to speak with last night being the first practice day.

Somehow I think this is going to be a blast!

If by blast you mean a miserable few weeks of nothing but protein shakes then yes it will be a blast :wink: It gets tough the first few days, then after the first HSM it gets better. I’m awaiting my order for a second run-through. I start a new job in mid-June so it’ll be a perfect deadline/motivator. Make sure to take photos too. I slacked on that and didn’t have the motivation of clear results pics.

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