T-Boosting Workout W/O Plazma


I’m interested in doing the t-boosting workout scheme I’m currently taking alpha male, pulsing mag 10 between meals, after workouts, and sometimes before breakfast. Boosting my natural t levels is my number one priority over increasing strength and building mass (I know they overlap in a ton of ways, and I think they’re cool too). What I’m trying to say is that my goal is to enhance cognition, virility, and sexual prowess over anything else right now. The workout I mentioned seems perfect, only money is tight an I was wondering what Biotest’s thoughts are on following through with the scheme without plazma or any during workout supplement, and pulsing before and after? Any advice is really appreciated, guys.


If you were to take one scoop of Plazma during your workout, you could get away with not having a Mag 10 afterwards as Plazma contains 15g of the same protein that’s in Mag 10, so that’d be a little more cost effective. Workout nutrition/fueling your workout should not be short changed, IMO it would be better to keep the Mag 10 but eliminate the post workout pulse in exchange for a scoop of Plazma. Mag 10 before and after isn’t bad and would be more beneficial if you’re trying to cut, but you’re not giving yourself any carbs or fuel for your training. If Plazma is out of the budget, try a Finibar instead. They’re delicious and taste even better if you pop them in the microwave for 30 seconds. Macros are similar to Plazma as well, 40g high quality carbs and 15g whey protein, as well as a few grams of good fats. You could have one before your workout instead of the Mag 10, then have a Mag 10 after training. The cost of a Finibar compared to a serving of Mag 10 is very similar (Finibar slightly less) so it should be feasible if you’re already having Mag 10 a few times a day.


Thanks for the quick response. In the meantime is there anything I can do
to just use food along with what I’ve got to get the most out of this


Read this:

And try some Alpha Male: