T-Boosters, Alpha Male

(i just started this forum somewhere else and then found this…please help)
hey all, damn trying to figure out what friggin supplement to try is so hard when there is always someone burning one or the other…so here goes. (let’s make it harder)

I was thinking of using a t-booster and was inclined to using M-Stak…yeah, i’ve heard it all, but the truth is…they are still around. Has anyone used it??? Results? Reviews?

Now I was also looking into Alpha Male, but cant find much good references their either.

I need some recommendations, I am 35 yrs old, been lifting for just over 3 years, recently set new PR’s in deadlift 430lbs, squat 415lbs. Also just started 5/3/1 and plan on sticking to it for a while.

What booster to use…


<a href=""target=“new”>Alpha Male is our most powerful, maximal strength T-boosting supplement. It contains:

Tribulus terrestris
Vitex agnus castus
Eurycoma longifolia
Carbolin 19

Each of these compounds is super concentrated to achieve maximum potency. Furthermore, Biotest evaluates every batch of raw material to ensure that each finished bottle performs at the highest possible standard. These compounds achieve their T-boosting effects through different mechanisms.

While other products may claim to use some of these ingredients, only Alpha Male uses the precise amounts of properly sourced, highly potent versions of these ingredients, not the under-dosed, cheap leftovers you often find in other supplements.

Our Alpha Male page goes into detail about each ingredient, what it does, and how it was chosen. You can find that info <a href=""target=“new”>here.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.