SWR Years Later... Round 2

So this will be my second run at the Velocity Diet, only much more by-the-book. First time went very well though, just didn’t have a good enough plan to transition off of it.

2 1/2 years later!

And after blaming my laziness on a slight lower back injury, horrible work hours, and a second kid, I’m getting tired of the excuses and I’m ready for the kick-start to a healthier, happier, more energetic lifestyle. The only type of life style that I have felt comfortable living.

It has been a while, I have gotten EXTREMELY lazy, and I know from multiple other attempts to get back into it, it will be a big challenge for me to stick it out.

I absolutely LOVE the upgrades to the format of the Velocity Diet, and the ease of being able to calculate everything that is needed.

I’m also very grateful for the workout programs to go along with it.

I will be sucking up my pride and going with the beginner program. I have been away from weights for too long, and other attempts to get back into things too intensely and too soon have lead to more failure.

I’m back…and I’m canceling my World of Warcraft account baby! woot

Here is my last (overly-wordy) log from WAY back in September through December of '06!

(reminder for myself: result pics and former transition meal lists on page 6 of linked thread)

Damn video games. Glad you’re back on board. Keep us updated!

Almost forgot.

Height: 5’5"
Weight: 210
Neck: 16 1/4"
Shoulders: 53 1/2"
Chest-Upper: 46 1/4"
Chest-Lower: 45 1/2
Waist-at Navel: 44 1/2
Waist-at largest: 44 1/2
Hips-at largest: 43 1/2
Upper Arm-L: 14 1/4
Upper Arm-R: 14 1/2
Upper Leg-L: 26
Upper Leg-R: 26 3/4
Lower Leg-L: 16 1/4
Lower Leg-R: 16 1/4
Ankle-L: 9 1/4
Ankle-R: 9 1/4

Day 1:
A) Dumbbell squat:
50 (19)
80 (14, 4)

B) DB bench:
40 (16 warm up)
60 (11, 7)
40 (10,9,3)

C) Bent over row (dumbbell):
60 (11,7,8,6,6,2)

D) Plank hold
38 sec, 23 sec

On my 2nd to last shake, and feeling too full to finish it.

Tried blending it, but it seems to make it too…frothy and takes forever to finish. Maybe I used too much water, or too much ice, or both.

It sits in my blender at the 4 cup mark.

Still hard to get used to the milled flax. Last time I skipped them all together and substituted more natural peanut butter, but I don’t want to do any substituting this time around.

I’ve been having the Superfood for the last few days before starting the V-Diet, and I am going to continue using it long after.

PLEASE NEVER STOP MAKING SUPERFOOD! I’m completely sold in the idea of it. I will still eat fruit and vegetables, but it’s so inconvenient to store them at all in my fridge.

Day 2, shakes going well, no cravings yet…I think I remember day 3-4 being the worst for me last time. We’ll see.

I’ll be on the road for most of next week, so I won’t have the need to stop at the crappy fast food places in the middle of my long drives to Amarillo, TX or Fort Smith, AR.

Bringing all my supplements in separate, serving-size baggies, and a whole bunch of water in a cooler.

So much more convenient than getting off the high-way to fill myself with crap.

[quote]SWR wrote:

Bringing all my supplements in separate, serving-size baggies, and a whole bunch of water in a cooler.


Good call - implementing the 7-P’s rule: Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss-Poor Performance.




And the most telling in my opinion…the side.

So, after a successful 2 travel days, I get back and my wife wants to have someone to do the P90X program with, and I figure it could help “wake up” my muscles and lungs before getting back into heavier, more weights-involved lifting.

I was planning on joining my wife in the P90X program after the 6 weeks of the V-diet, just jumping in where she’s at and finish it out with her, but I’m thinking the V-Diet would be good after this since I will be using the newer transition Chris has talked about.

I will make a new post, and continue this one in 3 months when I get done with that; and, of course, new pics.

I’m already down 6 pounds, and will be using the V-Diet light eating mixed with the p90x (shakes with Flameout and Superfood twice a day with some good meals between).

SWR, nice to see you back! And congrats on dropping 6 pounds already.

[quote]Mod Laurie wrote:
SWR, nice to see you back! And congrats on dropping 6 pounds already.[/quote]

Thanks Mod Laurie, it’s good go be back…finally.

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