Switching to Biotest

My current stats are 23 years old 6’1 ~230lbs ~18% BF with maxes of DL 405x1 Bench 275x3 and Squat 315x3
My current overarching goals are ~225 ~10-12% BF with 1RM 550 DL, 450 Squat, and 340 Bench (about 2.5xBW, 2xBW, and 1.5xBW respectively)
My short term goal is to focus on leaning out while maintaining/gaining muscle (les strength focus) since I have started to feel flabby again.

I typically go to the gym 6 days/week just because I love it. I’ve been doing 5/3/1 BBB with an arm day and an oly lift form day (I know Jim Wendler would probably disapprove of the extra days). I’ve noticed some good gains from the program but I’ve had to back off the carbs because of the aforementioned fatness. I started at 275p/300c/90f and I’ve been at 275p/150c/90f for a month with no results except my lifts being harder. I tried adding a HITT sprint routine after leg days and 3 LISS sessions after upper days but still no changes.

I currently take a preworkout and a scoop of whey with 5g creatine mono post workout. What would be the best stack for me? From reading it seems like a must would be Plazma, MAG-10, and Indigo-3G. They also each only lasts ~20 servings so I’d be buying 1/month at 200$ which is a lot compared to the 80$ that I pay for preworkout and whey now. And would it be best to keep using a whey like Metabolic Drive.

I am also confused about the difference in Carbolin 19 and Indigo effects and what exactly microPa is for.

Thanks for any help/feedback about my supps/macros/workout!

At your size and age I’d think 2400 cal/day should give good fat loss, and 3000 should be needed as a bare minimum for maintenance. Quite possibly substantially more with all of your work.

At your 275p/150c/90f which is getting you no results except more difficult training, this is 2500 cal/day so you really should be losing fat, especially with your HIIT and cardio work.

Two things seem most likely:

Is it possible you’re iodine deficient, which could lead to low thyroid? If you don’t use iodized salt on your food and in pretty good quantity and also don’t make higher-iodine foods (beef, most seafood, potato with skin, dairy, eggs) a pretty major proportion of your diet and don’t take an iodine supplement, deficiency is likely.

Or, more food is getting eaten than reflected in the calculations. For example, a single blueberry muffin can add 600 calories per day and completely negate a diet.

Carbolin 19-19 and Indigo-3G are really extremely different, even in entirely different categories. As an overly-brief explanation, how the body function isn’t only a result of the individual genetic code but also the body over time the body adapts, in semi-permanent way, how gene function occurs and how much. So the same individual who might for example have a lean and muscular setpoint at a given dietary intake and exercise program, might instead have a quite different set point. A large cause of this is from expression of inflammatory genes in adipose tissue. Indigo-3G acts towards changing function in this regard and improve nutrient partitioning, muscularity, and leanness. After success with early use, it typically continues to provide this benefit for quite some time even after discontinuing it.

Carbolin 19-19 works in a simpler way, by activating adenylate cyclase which increases metabolism. The product improves fat loss provides an edge in muscle gain. It isn’t as major in effect as Indigo-3G, and unlike Indigo, it works only when it’s being used rather than having a lasting effect.

Micro-PA is for a workout enhancer or enhancing muscle gain.

Metabolic Drive can be a very practical way to get the macros where you want them. However, if you can do it more economically or prefer to get protein where it needs to be, without putting fat higher than you plan, with foods that is fine as well.

Of all the supplement you list, if I were picking two to save money compared to picking all, I’d pick Indigo-3G and Plazma. Plazma would almost certainly fix your present problem of training being harder.

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