Switch from Anabolic Diet to V-Diet

Have been following the Anabolic diet for 2 weeks now eating like a MAN. But have been lurking(reading) in the V-Diet forum and it seems more like a diet that suits my needs. I recently purchased; 2 weeks ago:
fat burner
good multi
3-6-9 oils
Flax meal
need pnut butter
anabolic extreme 60gram shake mix, Gonna either finish this off or take it back and get the proper shake.

According to the fat calc they did when I signed up for a gym. I’m hovering around 25%bf. I’m 5’11 and 230lbs, This was 2 weeks ago. Things may have changed since then, but its a starting point. I used to be 270 then 250 now 230, got this way from normal dieting and regular exercise/work. My goal is make it to 10%BF don’t care about weight, I imagine it will be around 190-200. I just want to be fit. I know there is a great body underneath, I have big a big arms, back, chest and legs from football training. Just need to expose them. Anyways I get tons of nepa through work and riding my bike around. I also hit the gym 4 days a week doing 2 heavy days and 2 circuit days described in Chris Thibs regimen for keeping mass while losing weight. I’ll see if I can find a tape measure and get y’all some measurements and a recent pic.

Has the anabolic diet not worked for you? Has progress stalled? Are you having trouble following the nutritional guidelines of the AD?

Why are you only giving it two weeks. If you’re making progress, I dont see any reason to start the V-Diet right now.

Dont get me wrong, I’ve been raving about how awesome the V-Diet is, but why now?

Why dont you continue on the AD until you lose the weight you want to, then do the V-diet and get super lean?

And for the record, use Metabolic Drive, and follow the exact workouts prescribed. Like Shugs said, theres a reason why people fail when they change something.

Good luck!

Touche, my friend. 2 weeks isn’t really that long of a time period. Give it 2 more, then reassess. If you have progressed at a decent pace, stick with it through the end, then do the V-Diet. You have many years to live, don’t rush beyond something before giving it a chance to work. People have success with both diets!

Actually the AD is working quite well, I feel really good so far and the way you get to eat is also nice. The way I feel in the gym is great also. There is nothing about the AD that I dislike except counting food grams. I just like the fact that one is able to clean off close to 30lbs of fat in a relatively short amount of time without much thought. The AD doesn’t seem able to do that, unless the calories are severely reduced and that really isn’t the AD. Am I wrong?

p.s. did the shake thing today, wasn’t to bad then had some peanut butter for dinner, 1300cals. This isn’t to bad. But ignoring food is a bitch. That is one thing I do like about the AD, you get to eat. I see what y’all are saying though. Looking at my situation form the outside, I will continue the AD. I feel great on it but the counting of grams and shit gets annoying.

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