Swimming as NEPA?


I LOVE to swim every morning before work, even before breakfast. I don’t set any world records for speed, but it is cardio… i usually swim for :30 or :40 minutes a day just because i like the way it makes me feel energized and ready to tackle my day… I’m planning on starting the V-Diet this Sunday, and I’m wondering if I’ll be able to continue my swimming as a NEPA activity or whether it would be detrimental to my success on the diet?


That should be fine. And of course, you can skip the typical NEPA walks if swimming daily. (More NEPA is never a bad thing however.)

If you start to feel like the swimming is too much, you can always cut back. Just save most of your training energy for what really counts – in this case, the weight training.


Thanks, Chris. I appreciate the response. I’m really looking forward to this.