SWF Out of Stock


Admittedly I am using Plazma, but was interested in seeing if SWF is being re-worked, or simply demand has caused it to go out of stock. Thank you.


It’s actually a little bit of each. Demand has caused the out of stock, but it is also going through a reformulation. We hope to have it available again in 4 to 6 weeks.


Thank you sir…I appreciate it.


Not nagging (and I realize we are still in that 4-6 week window), just wondering if there is an updated ETA?


Workout Fuel will still be a few more weeks. We are most likely looking at it being available again in early January. Sorry for the delay.


Thank you!


From the ‘for what it’s worth’ department - I did see that the Biotest store is now showing SWF in the new packaging (bag vs. canister)


Can we get an updated ETA? I’d prefer to not have to make 2 separate orders to restock supplements.



Surge Workout Fuel should be back in stock within 2 weeks and probably closer to 1 week than 2. Sorry for the delay.


It’s back in stock now!


Thank you Jared.

Is this a new formulation, or simply re-stocking of the original?


The article on the product page explains the change in good detail.

I’m a huge fan of Workout Fuel for endurance events and training. I’ve used for mountain running (trail ultrarunning) on anything lasting from 2 hours up to 24 hours. Caloric demands can be critical for me so I’ll be experimenting a bit. Perhaps more finibars will be necessary for the long days.

While I’ll certainly be experimenting on myself, I would love to hear more from Biotest about the experience with elite athletes and how removing palatinose and glucose was beneficial.


Thank you. I didn’t see that initially…