SWF, MAG-10, and Tatttoos


I have a 4-5 hour tattoo session coming up in the near future. I tend to get pretty crashed by the end of such sessions (adrenaline, trauma, etc). I was wondering if consuming MAG-10 or Surge Workout Fuel during the session might help attenuate the effects of the tattoo session.


The only thing that’ll be helpful is the carbs from SWF. MAG-10 won’t do a thing.

You should stick to the basics. Eat a large mixed meal an hour before you sit in the chair. No caffeine or pain killers before hand. Maybe listen to your iPod.


You should have something with simple carbs in it to sip on during the session. No reason you couldn’t use either of those options.


Ouch. Surge Workout Fuel should keep you alert, easily fed, and hydrated.


@jdrannin1 - Large meal + lots of water is what I usually do. Hopefully the SWF will help keep me from being quite so woozy by the end of the session.