Sweetner Suggestions?



I have found some really good recipes, but they all call for agave nectar or honey. I am trying to limit anythig with added sugar. What could I could replace for those sweetners. Would applesauce be a good alternative? Splenda?


The pizza crust is amazing!! (Almond Flour)


Hey, Phil. I stick to Splenda for most recipes. It measures cup for cup compared to sugar so it makes powdered sugar replacement simple and easy. Plus it just tastes the best.

I think agave nectar is highly overrated. It’s still sugar, after all. I’ll use a little raw, unrefined honey in a rare recipe or two, but not often. A jar can last me a year. So, good choice getting rid of those things.

Apple sauce works in some recipes, just be sure to buy it unsweetened. I don’t use this often; it kinda falls into the fruit juice category i.e. making apples into juice or sauce gets rid of some of the good (fiber) and concentrated some of the bad (sugar/fructose). Still, the no-sugar-added stuff is okay for some recipes.

BTW, I recently I picked up some organic coconut sap for my morning cup of joe. Still pretty carby, and not that great tasting, so I think that’ll be my last jar of it.