Sweet Potato Hash

  • Shred sweet potato with grater
  • For each cup of shredded sweet potato, add 1 tsp kosher salt, 1/2 tsp black pepper
  • Fry in pan with tbsp of coconut oil
  • Serve with 2-3 poached or fried eggs on top.

(Next time we make it, I will take a picture)

Haven’t tried this with sweet potato! thanks for the idea!

That sounds great!

Can’t take credit. My wife did it. We grated the sweet potato and then tried it with coconut oil and again with olive oil. The sweetness of the sweet potato added to the sweetness of the coconut oil is wonderfully cut by the kosher salt. It’s gotta “salty sweet” thing going on.

Quick question tho, how do you get the sweet potato “soft” enough to grate it? I have enough of a hard time cutting into fries. Lol

We just used a pair of good cheese graters and raced! I think I was slightly faster, but I ended up getting grated sweet potato in my wine!

Cut the skin off first.

Cool… Going to give it a shot!!! Made my SPT fries today again. Love those bad boys

I make this (w/ sweet OR russet OR I mix which is even better) every Saturday/Sunday. One thing that makes this easier is I bought a Mandaline (sp?). It has a shoestring cutting option. Also have a french fry cutting option which is great for oven baked fries!

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