Swapping Out V-Diet Weight Training Program

Hi all, about to start the V-Diet next week for the first time. I plan to follow the diet pretty strictly, but want to swap out the weight training program for something like Coach Thibaudeau’s OVT program:

I will probably modify his plan into a five day split of Chest,Back,Legs,Shoulders,Arms. Yes, I will ensure to get some NEPAs in there too. What adjustments should I make to the diet, other than taking Plazma more days of the week?

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What adjustments should I make to the diet, other than taking Plazma more days of the week?[/quote]
OVT is double-or-more as much volume as the V-Diet workouts, so recovery and not burning muscle are going to be the biggest issues. I’m not totally sure it’s feasible, but you can give it a shot. 2 scoops of Plazma every lifting session and probably a slightly bigger HSM (on training days only) will go a long way towards making sure you recover enough to see progress.

I’m guessing the V-Burn challenge would be overkill to, given the total weekly training load, so definitely keep the NEPA easy and low intensity.

Thanks Chris. I’ll make sure to get more HSM calories on training days. Would you recommend adding other supplements to make this program more feasible? I’m assuming Mag-10 would be a definite addition after workouts.

If you think the lifting volume is too much, should I reduce the number of superset reps I complete like Christian did in his first couple weeks?

So I started the V-Diet this week, with about 212 lbs and 25% BF. I am doing the 4-day OVT workout schedule as described, except only doing 4 reps of each superset instead of 5.

I got an extra bag of Plazma and am taking 2 scoops every workout, plus I am taking one serving of Mag-10 after. Otherwise I am following the diet as described. I hope all this helps with recovery issue.

Depending on how these first couple weeks go, I may increase to 5 superset reps on the third week.

After one week I’m now down to 208.6 and dropped 1% BF. I should say I’m not sure what my actual BF is since I am using a scale to calculate it (and I hear those are quite inaccurate) but it is ok for measuring progression I suppose.

The workouts are going well - the 2 scoops of Plazma carry me through the OVT sessions and the Mag-10 helps recovery quite a bit! I am glad I reduced all the superset reps to 4, I can see it being too easy to overtrain on this program on a diet.

I’ve been sticking to Chicken/Turkey/Fish plus rice and veggies or a banana for my HSM. The hard part is getting enough calories! Some days I barely get 450 but I still have to stack my plate full of chicken and rice to get there.

Day 17 -
Weight is now at 206.2 and I am noticing more definition in my upper body! I really like the ease of meal planning on the v-diet, and I am continually cycling between the shake flavors to keep things fresh. They all taste pretty good.

I stayed much the same weight during most of week 2, but started dropping fat again at the beginning of week 3. My HSM each day has been pretty consistent, though I did have black beans a few days instead of rice. Also went out for Sushi one night, which I figure is pretty consistent with the HSM guidelines.

The OVT workouts are pretty difficult, I am seeing progression still, but will stick with 4 supersets of each exercise. I probably have the MAG-10 to thank for making this plan workable with the v-diet.

Day 23 -
Just started week 4 and still seeing decent results! Weight is now 205 and lost almost another 1% BF. My waist has gone down at least 2" total judging by how tight I can now cinch my belts.

The non-workout days are actually the hardest to get through for me, as I have about 560 calories less on those days (Plazma + Mag-10).

All done with the V-diet! Final weight was 202.6 this morning. I lost about 10 total pounds and about 2.5% BF.

You might get better fat loss results from the workout program that comes with the V-diet, but with OVT I was able to progress and increase strength even on the caloric deficit.

I will now be adjusting slowly back into normal healthy eating with the addition of breakfast (eggs, greek yogurt, and granola) and adding a mid-afternoon carb/protein snack prior to workouts. This will increase my daily calories by about 300-400 and allow me to gain some muscle size over the next 4 weeks in which I will be running phase 2 of the 8-week OVT cycle.

Good luck with ure starts! I hope you will do good, and will proud of ureself!

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