Surge Workout Fuel/Surge Recovery on V-Diet


Having done it once before, I know using SWF is a no-no while on the V-Diet

My question is this - I play once a week in a competitive flag football league. Is it worth using a scoop (or two) of SWF before the game to keep from going catabolic?

Also, knowing what we do now about Peri-Workout nutrition, am I better off sipping my Surge Recovery during my workouts instead of waiting until the end?



Good questions.

  1. It’s actually much tougher to lose muscle than most believe. and with the V-Diet, where you’re weight training, having a high protein intake, spiking in leucine, and taking care of post-lifting catabolism with Surge Recovery, you’re actually pretty safe, even with low calories.

But if you’d like to take a scoop of Surge Workout Fuel before/during the weekly game, that’s fine. You can reduce the Metabolic Drive by one scoop that day to balance out cals a little.

  1. Yes, sipping Surge Recovery during training is effective, say, half the drink during, the rest slammed right after lifting.