Surge Workout Fuel Stack

Hey Chris,

First time member, I’m a long time athlete and college football player. I’m currently doing strength n conditioning for a few high school football teams after I completed my grad work doing physical therapy and exercise science. I have always seen good results with sound peri workout nutrition and a good diet.

While I realize Biotest supplements are meant for body builders I believe good workout nutrition can benefit strength athletes all the same especially off season football guts looking to gain some good size. My question for you involves the Surge Workout Fuel. Many of my athletes love the product but cannot afford to supplement with Mag-10 post workout.

I realize Surge Workout Fuel has a MAG-10 complex for some protein but , what if any would u recommend to utilize post workout with the Surge Workout Fuel to meet post workout crab/ protein demands?


Surge Workout Fuel is a fine choice. In fact, the directions recommend to continue drinking it up to about a half-hour post-workout, so they’re well-covered already with SWF.

By the way, many NFL players and athletes ranging from pro-strongmen to ultra-marathoners use Biotest workout drinks, so they’re certainly not limited to bodybuilders.

Awesome thank you for the timely response! 2 last questions 1 )Would the Surge Workout Fuel a better stand alone then the Surge Recovery 2)does the Surge Workout Fuel contain enough protein to meet there demands or should a protein shake be supplemented pwo?

Thanks again

Surge Workout Fuel is not a “protein shake” because that’s not the main thing needed for peri-training. Now, ideally, these types of athletes should use <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma. If budget is an issue, stick to one pre-load serving and one serving during training. Plazma is far superior to Surge Recovery or SWF. But in the end, any of these would be better than nothing or, or worse, Gatorade. The athletes just need to read up on each supplement and find which one best fits their budget.

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