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I noticed that Plazma has 30g of protein in two scoops and Surge Workout Fuel has 0. Is it recommended to have a protein shake with or before Surge Workout Fuel, such as Metabolic Drive?

I don’t preload Surge Workout Fuel and it works great for me, better than Plazma (which I do preload per instructions) from what I can tell, so I would probably have a protein shake right before lifting and then start consuming Surge Workout Fuel starting a few minutes after the shake. Gym is at home so no drive time.

Better? Worse? Doesn’t matter? I don’t need the extra grams of protein so this question is from a performance and nutrient timing standpoint. If it helps, I’m following 5/3/1 plus first set last with jump rope for conditioning.


Surge Workout Fuel has everything needed to allow you to train harder, longer and recover faster during the workout. So from a “performance” standpoint you don’t need to add protein to make it optimal.

However the protein in Plazma obviously has a role, specifically for muscle growth and recovery from the workout.

See when you have protein in you when you train, specifically when the amino acids are available in the blood stream something very cool happen: blood flows to the working muscles (the muscles being trained). The muscle contraction itself acts as a pump to pull nutrients toward the muscle.

The cool part is that the fact of having amino acids in your bloodstream while you train will pull them directly into the muscle(s) that you are training. In effect that makes your workout the only occasion where you decide where the protein you are ingesting goes. In our case it brings it directly in the muscle(s) we are trying to build. Having the amino acids already in the structure we want to make grow obviously speed up the muscle growth process.

So in that regard Plazma is superior to Workout Fuel (to build muscle).

Now you may ask “well what if I consume protein with my Workout Fuel?”.

It might work. The only question is IF the protein you consume will have time to reach the bloodstream so that it’s available while you train. The protein in Plazma is actually in the form of di and tri–peptides which are absorbed almost instantly. So timing is very easy to get down perfectly. It is also a unique protein in that you can drink it during your session and it will still be available to your muscles while you are training.

To get the same effect from other protein sources you’d have to consume them further away from your workout (especially if it is solid food). BUT if you consume it too far away you risk having used some or even most of it before you even get to your workout. And if you consume it too close from your workout you risk not having it be available while you train.

Can it work? Yes. But it will be a bit more hit and miss, especially if you go with solid food.

So what you’re saying is that protein is not totally necessary to add if you’re using Surge?

I was thinking of switching over to it myself since I can’t afford Plazma, but I was worried it would harm the muscle building process if I didn’t have any protein as part of my pre-workout. I work out very early in the morning so I don’t really have the time or stomach to eat anything before I go.

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Also, what would you recommend for caffeine to go along with Surge? Since I work out so early in the morning some type of stimulant is a must…I am capable of drinking plain black coffee (in fact I enjoy that more than any fancy kind of coffee drink), so would drinking some coffee on my way to the gym be ideal? Or is there some other way that might be better?

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