Surge Workout Fuel: Pre, Intra, & Post

Chris, (or anybody else)

I have heard somewhere that surge workout fuel essentially has one “covered” for pre, intra, and post.
so if I was to use Surge Workout Fuel, would MAG-10 just be a nice "addition? "

I was using Plazma, MAG-10 and Indigo,
I ran out of Plazma last week, did 3 Indigo program workouts since and came down with the “flu”

Due to budget which
Option 1: Indigo + Surge Workout
Option 2: Indigo + MAG-10
Option 3: Surge Workout + MAG-10

Would be the best option here?

Fat loss/ body recomposition is main goal, in a previous thread I stated that I wasn’t concerned about losing fat to the point that I looked like a emaciated person, my thought process was that it was better to partition nutrients while one is leaner.

For the budget, we’d suggest going with:

  1. 4 capsules of Indigo-3G

  2. Surge Workout Fuel

Now, that said, if you don’t have issues with nutrient partitioning or problems handling carbs, or if Indigo-3G has you all “fixed up” in that department already, then go with:

  1. Surge Workout Fuel around the workout.

  2. 1 serving of Mag-10 about an hour after finishing the last of the Surge Workout Fuel.

We’d vote against Option #2. It’s certainly not bad, but Mag-10 is actually pretty low carb. While great for protein pulsing and conditioning-only workouts, you probably want Plazma or SWF for fueling and recovering from hard weight training, especially when using Indigo-3G.

Thank you very much.

That was very helpful, better response than I expected.

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