Surge Workout Fuel, New Formula Review

Longtime member, rarely do I post much prefer to read & learn.

I have used surge recovery, SWF old formula, plazma, MAG-10 & now recently SWF new formula.

We all know how good Plazma is just scroll the threads & you will see plenty of testimonials. I was using Plazma until recently & had to stop due to financial reasons.
When I saw the SWF was getting reformulate & to be released June 30th I figured it was a sign from God. Sadly, SWF new formula got held up due to legal stuff. I had some old SWF laying around that I used & I could tell that it really was a step down from Plazma. That ran out & I opted to use MAG-10 for my regular workouts, I could tell something was missing. I was getting tired & my normal weights started to feel heavier & I wasnâ??t getting as many reps either.

Yesterday, I got the new SWF & it just so happened to be leg day!! I figured this would be a good day to test this out esp. since Iâ??m dealing with piriformis syndrome/sciatic nerve pain. Which makes training a lot harder.

Not one to get discouraged easily I say letâ??s do this. I drink a little less than 500 ML before the workout. The 1st few sets I push thru the pain & once Iâ??m warmed up I donâ??t feel too bad. Although since I havenâ??t been able to push as hard lately Iâ??m not exactly sure how good this workout will be.

Long story short, I was able to train & felt almost as good as I did on Plazma!! I think I need to increase it to 3 scoops & Iâ??ll be good.
If you cant afford Plazma the new formula of SWF is outstanding!! Now I just need to stock up so I donâ??t run out again.

Iâ??ve been taking Biotest prodcuts since 2002 & I have forgotten what it’s like to not have the proper workout nutrition in me & it makes a HUGE difference.

Training without the proper workout nutrition sucks majorly. I felt beat up after workout & into the next day. However with Biotest supps I often feel recouped while training & that I can literally keep training as longs as I want.
Lucky for me I have my dog at home to make sure I get out of gym & home. To eat & pound the MAG-10.

Thank you Tim & Biotest for making quality products that are reasonably priced to all of non-pros.

Thanks for the review!

I have used the new SWF now for about four workouts and I can say with certainty that it is on the same level as Plazma in terms of increasing workout stamina. However, Plazma is still king!

When using SWF, I workout hard and I feel great. It seems to have some sort of slow release effect. Recovery is good. I started with two scoops and up it to three. This made a big difference.

When using Plazma, I really feel like I can do anything for as long as I want. I have to force myself to take a day off. I really feel ?unbreakable?. Its hard to describe my Plazma experience any other way. I started with three scoops, then cut back to two. Now I am on a three scoop protocol.

The real test for SWF was my crossfit WODs. SWF did not disappoint. I made it through the WODs just fine with effort to spare, but there is still a difference with Plazma. I can?t put my finger on it, but something is different.

My plan is to continue with Plazma and when funds are low, switch to SWF. I just cant give up Plazma!

I’ve used it twice now, think I figured out the way it works best for me yesterday. Both times were at beach volleyball tournaments. What I did was put three scoops into 120oz of water and then just sipped (or chugged) it throughout my tournament. I’d say this is about the right amount, 1 scoop for every 30-40oz. At least for me this works since I drink a ton of water while playing. Last time I had it in a lesser amount of water and water alternating between sips with the Surge Workout Fuel and my water bottle, kind of pointless as I was drinking the same amount of Surge Workout Fuel either way.

As for the actual effectiveness of Surge Workout Fuel itself I think it works really well. Had a strong amount of energy the whole time and I think I would have been fine going all day. I would have needed more Surge Workout Fuel had we kept winning though. I haven’t tried Plazma for volleyball, but my hunch is Surge Workout Fuel works better for sports type events and Plazma for lifting. I was eating food the whole time as well, but more to keep my stomach from being empty then a lack of energy. Sadly beach volleyball season is over now, but that means it’s basketball time which will show the effectiveness of Surge Workout Fuel in a different way as you don’t really play all day tournaments.

Overall another solid product from Biotest, and one I will keep using for sporting events in the future with Plazma staying during lifting days.

Love the new formula, I was a bit worried because Plazma and MAG-10 both gave me stomach issues. I was hoping the new formula wouldn’t give me any issues.

Better formula, better workouts indeed. I am very happy. Ordered one bottle to try, will be ordering more soon!

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