Surge Workout Fuel & Making Last Bag of Plazma Stretch

I swear by Plazma, am currently doing a high-volume program where I’m leaning on it especially hard. I’m down to my last bag, though, and have stocked up on Surge Workout Fuel to tide me over until Plazma is back in stock. Is it a completely stupid idea to mix Surge and Plazma to make my last bag of Plazma stretch while still getting some of its benefits? For instance, for a 90-minute workout, does it make sense at all to combine the label instructions and sip 1 scoop of Surge and 1 scoop of Plazma mixed together over the course of the workout?

Not a stupid idea, just inefficient. You’d be dulling down the effects of each. Plazma, in particular, was designed to be the best of the best as a standalone supp. Adding other stuff, even other good workout nutrition like Surge Workout Fuel, will make it less efficient. They also share some ingredients, so you’d be overlapping in some areas there and inviting trouble. The only thing green flagged to add to Plazma is creatine.

The best bet would be to use Plazma until you’re out and then switch to just Surge until you can restock. You could even double-up on Surge if your training is super-high volume, one scoop before training another during the workout.

Or, depending on what your training week looks like right now, you could use only Plazma on the toughest workouts (highest volume and/or intensity) and use only Surge in other sessions. Like, a leg or back workout where you go balls-out would be with Plazma. A workout for shoulders, arms, or accessory lifts would be Surge Workout Fuel.

Got it. Appreciate the response.

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