Surge Workout Fuel, MAG-10 and Finibars


What’s the best way to do this?

Right now I’m doing 1/2 Finibar 1 hour before
2 scoop (1 serving) Surge Workout Fuel during (start drinking 15 minutes before)
1 serving MAG-10 after

Would you add the MAG-10 during or is it better after? Add more or less of anything?

Then a meal an hour or two after… Should this meal have carbs as well?


Why only half a Finibar?

With your plan, use the Mag-10 after training.

You did not list your goals, so the rest is tough to answer. We assume you’d like to gain muscle, correct?


Gain muscle while getting stronger while minimizing fat gain… if gaining any at all.

Coming off of losing a lot of fat and thinking in order to lose more I should try to add muscle and strength so I will prioritize that for a few months before trying to shed the rest of the fat off. If I could lose fat, gain muscle and increase strength then that would be ideal.

I made good progress before just using 10g BCAA with some other good stuff in it and carbs after in my solid meal.

1/2 a Finibar to start and I’ll see how that goes then increase to one… Kinda carbophobic as I’m sure you came out of that mindset as well. I just wanted to experiement with something different and see what results I could get.

Basically I’m looking for the holy grail like us all :slight_smile:


I love Plazma and MAG-10 for the peri-workout period, but sometimes I enjoy Surge Workout Fuel with some CHY added in as a little break. Similar to Plazma but not exactly the same; Plazma definitely leaves the stomach quicker and I have a slightly easier time achieving a massive pump with it. The Surge Workout Fuel + CHY is no slouch though.

I like the carb formula in Surge Workout Fuel: it is sweeter and feels like it has a bit more substance than what is in Plazma. I’m a sweet tooth.


Your plan is fine overall, but you sound like an ideal candidate for <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G. Repartitions nutrients (like carbs) into muscle rather than storing them as body fat. Best supplement I’ve ever used as a former carb-phobe myself. Totally cured me. Have you tried it yet?


I have not tried Indigo-3G. I’m going to run out of my peri-workout nutrition stuff and just go from there as to what to do next.


Bffd, just curious, what are you using for CHY when you add it to the Surge WO Fuel?