Surge Workout Fuel for Prowler Work


Using the prowler (for conditioning), I’m sure using Surge Workout Fuel would be a help, but curious if it’s worth using for conditioning sessions alone? Anyone else use Surge Workout Fuel for hard/long conditioning sessions? Thanks.


I’m pretty sure @Christian_Thibaudeau either uses or used to use SWF with his CrossFit athletes during metcon sessions, so that’s one idea.

Usually though, Mag-10 is enough to cover your workout nutrition-bases for a straight-up conditioning session like prowler work (unless your prowler workout is somehow lasting like two hours). Nothing really “wrong” with using Surge Workout Fuel for conditioning, it’s just sort of overkill in the best possible way.


Chris is correct. We use SWF for metabolic sessions where the average load/muscle damage isn’t high (so not requiring as much protein synthesis).

When they need to go for longer and where endurance/resistance is of prime important, SWF is our choice.