Surge Workout Fuel & Fasted Workout

If I start drinking Surge Workout Fuel 15-20 minutes before working out first thing in the morning (before any meals), would you consider that fasted, or should I wait longer?

No, that’s not fully fasted, which is good, since that’s not the best method if you want to hang on to muscle mass and get the most of your workout. But a better supplement for your plan would be <a href=""target=“new”>MAG-10 if you’re talking about cardio.

Dr. Lonny Lowery used this semi-fasted method with great success for his last bodybuilding show. You can read about it <a href=""target=“new”>HERE. Now, his method was for cardio. You didn’t specify the type of workout you’d be doing. For weight training, <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma would be much better than Surge Workout Fuel.

NOTE: I just remembered that you asked in my forum about a Pulse Feast style plan. If that’s what you’re planning, then Plazma would definitely be the way to go for weight training workouts. For conditioning only, use MAG-10 or just a single serving of Plazma.

Yes, definitely looking at the Pulse Eat (Since it isn’t technically a feast). Also, I don’t get home from work until 7:30 at night, so trying to cram eating and working out in before going to bed is difficult. I’d rather do strength training in the morning, but don’t want to eat, wait an hour, workout. I’ve got a full tub of Surge Workout Fuel, so I’ll use that first, then I’ll look at Plazma. A couple cups of coffee might help, too.

(Sorry, thought I posted original question in the Ask Chris forum)

Both Surge Workout Fuel and Plazma can be used 15-20 minutes pre-lifting, so you’re good to go with your plan.

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