Surge Workout Fuel Expiration


Is there an expiration date on SWF? Or a reccomended time after opening to discard? I have half a tub that’s been open for about four months, is that an issue?


There is an expiration date that should be on the bottle.

That said once opened it can turn “brown” from air exposure. It should still be “useable” to a certain extent. If it’s been open for 4 months in a cool dry place it may be fine to use.

If you’re having doubts, just pitch it.


If you’re going to throw it away, I’ll take it from ya and pay for shipping. Lol


[quote]corstijeir wrote:
There is an expiration date that should be on the bottle.[/quote]
Yep. Sometimes on the top near the lid. Sometimes on the very bottom. Once in a while it’s on the side of the label. (Go home, printing machine. You’re drunk.)

If you don’t see one printed but do see something like a lot number/batch number, you could always try calling Biotest Customer Service and checking with them, referencing that lot number.

But yeah, four months open shouldn’t be a big deal if it was stored in a cool-ish, dry, dark place (a room temp cabinet should be fine). One of the ingredients in SWF does tend to “cake up” over time, I forget which ingredient exactly, but it doesn’t affect the effectiveness.