Surge Workout Fuel and Soccer Match

I’m using for a soccer match 2 drinks with 1 serving of SWF in each bottle go all the match.

Promote glycogen resynthesis is an important factor among the players post match to enhance recovery.

Using during the match SWF the performance was good but the recovery rate was not equal.

I was experimenting and post match I added 1-2 servings of SWF + 1 serving of MAG10

SWF is designed during performance, but adding this new serving with Mag10 improved te recovery rate an optimal level.

With your experiences, is using SWF in such environments post match ok? Or would it be preferible Surge Recovery?

Surge Workout Fuel is best used during your matches. You could absolutely use Surge Recovery after, though.

I’m an ice hockey goalie, and here’s what I do:

I use Surge Workout Fuel during my games and pick-up sessions. They range from one to two hours.

Immediately after, I down a serving of Mag-10. I’ll follow that up with another serving of Mag-10 about an hour later. Then some solid food an hour or so after that.

I really recover well using Surge Workout Fuel during and Mag-10 after.