Surge® vs Plazma™ and Mag-10®

Dave asks:

I am currently using Plazma™ and Mag-10® but am thinking about switching to Surge® Workout and Recovery due to the lower carb/sugars. Other then that is there any significant difference in the 2 products? Also I would like to start adding Creatine. In the past I did 5 mg about an hour pre workout and 5mg mixed with my intra, would you recommend this while using your products?

Curious about your decision to go with lower carbs during your training sessions. Are you following a specific diet plan? What is your goal? How has Plazma been working out for you?

As for creatine, five grams a day is all you need. I actually don’t even put mine in my Plazma (it is such a precise formula that I don’t want to mess with). I add five grams to my first Mag-10 shake after my workout.

Yeah, like SBT said, I’m wondering why you want to go lower carb for workout nutrition. Pretty much every coach agrees that right around training is the most important time to have carbs, even if you’re low carb the rest of the day.

Carb quality is just as important, possibly moreso, than quantity. One scoop of Plazma has basically the same amount of carbs as a can of Coke, but your body processes the carbs in one vastly different than the other.

The Surge products are solid options, but dropping Plazma because of the carb content is like breaking up with Scarlett Johansson because she doesn’t look good as a brunette. I mean, like, technically it’s something you can do, but it’s just not a good reason.

I always use a good-better-best scale. Surge Recovery is good. It’s straight-forward protein and carbs to spike insulin levels and drive nutrition into the muscles for recovery. It’s been around forever and still does its job very well (I’m pretty sure it was one of, if not the first, specific post-workout drinks on the market).

Surge Workout Fuel is better. It’s packed with leucine, which is the most important amino acid for growth, and uses faster-acting carbs (highly branched cyclic dextrins) to take effect immediately. It also contains ingredients to boost performance and recovery, like beta-alanine, citrulline, and a formula to improve hydration.

Plazma is the best around, with even faster-acting protein (casein hydrolysate) and better carbs, which is why it can be drank during training and digest immediately. It also has many of the performance/recovery boosters found in Surge Workout Fuel.

Grams, not milligrams. Simple typo, but huge dosage difference. 5g once a day is fine, 10g is overkill. Adding it right into your workout nutrition is fine. Whether it’s before, during, or after doesn’t make a giant difference in the long-term. I’m slightly more daring than SBT and toss creatine into Plazma when I train (the formula is perfectly designed as-is, but I’ve read creatine can be the only acceptable add-in), But I’ll put creatine in my before bed Mag-10 on rest days.

Great, Thanks for the response. The lower carbs are for my son he’s 20 weeks out and will be carb cycling soon and will have to keep his carbs down on the lower days. We are getting such great results with the Plazma and Mag-10 combo and will continue to use them primarily. I just need a quality lower carb option for certain days.

Gotcha. @robstein has used carb cycling for some contest preps. He may be able to fill you in on how he handled workout nutrition. I think, not 100% sure, he went with just Mag-10 towards the very end of the prep.

If it’s just about making the numbers work out, I’d probably go with that, just Surge Workout Fuel, or one scoop of Plazma depending on how much room you have for the day.

@Chris_Colucci thanks for the tag! @Dave_Steely happy to offer some input just based on experience with numerous contest preps using Plazma, Mag-10, and Surge, and how I found it to work best for me.

I’d recommend keeping Plazma in for as long as possible, as long as the cals will allow it. Typically I would use Plamza, or Finibars pre-workout. Both offer great macros, high quality carbs and protein. On interval training low days, I’d still have Finibars or Plazma pre workout. Towards the end of my prep with morning cardio, I’d have a scoop of Mag-10 instead of just BCAA. During training I’d typically sip BCAA’s, but a contest approaches and cals and carbs are at basement levels, energy is low, I sipped Mag-10 during training for some extra muscle insurance. It’s also super tasty to combine lemon and lime together, with some cold water, during training.

So, on a low carb day, I’d STILL recommend using Plazma or Finibars for a long as possible. Even on a low day, I still had 70g of carbs pre-workout, until I was 3 weeks out then went to 30-40 pre workout, and those were my only direct carbs for the day. The pros that quality pre-workout carbs bring to the table, allowing for better performance in the gym, will always be most important. IMO the only time pre-workout carbs should be cut is if the person is on keto.

Hope this helps, please be sure to tag me anytime I can offer any thoughts. Best of luck to your son in his contest!

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