Surge Recovery

I just recently started working out again this week, after a way too long hiatus, and I noticed they stopped making the original flavor of Surge Recovery. Anyone know why that is? It tasted like angel food cake so I’m sad to see it go.

I ordered chocolate and hoping for the best.

I always thought the chocolate has kind of a Yoo-Hoo flavor to it. Good stuff.

That sucks! Original flavor was the greatest. I tried chocolate years ago and went straight back to original. Let’s hope chocolate isn’t a disappointment, or I’ll be in the market again.

Just used up my last tub of Surge and discovered the Original is no longer available. Such a shame. That formula and taste was amazing. I’ve never talked to anyone that didn’t like it. If there’s any way to keep the OG formula in the rotation, I would implore Biotest to bring it back. I’ve been a Biotest customer for over 10 years and it’s the only product I consistently bought.

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