Surge Recovery - What is the Original Flavor?


I’ve been using Surge WO Fuel but I’m going to try Recovery. I typically mix SWF with Spike, Creatine, and water in the big Nalgene bottle that came with Plazma. I’m wondering if I can do the same, but if it’s some weird flavor that might be gross. Definitely not going to do that with Chocolate.


I’m not sure what the original flavor is, but I mix it with Power Drive (orange flavor) and sometime a little left over SWF (typically orange) and it tastes fine. I doubt mixing it with a Spike (shooter or regular can?) will be a big deal taste wise.

It’s a unique flavor that I’m at a loss trying to describe. Non-mint Bubblegumish I guess…


It’s been a long while but I believe the original recovery flavor is a bit nutty in taste. Like a combination of vanilla and pine nuts maybe. I don’t honestly recall. I just know it was good.


I loved the taste of original Surge Recovery.

It tasted kinda like…liquid cake. No joke. I don’t know how else to put it. LOL

No clue how mixing it with all the stuff you stated will taste but my first instinct is that it will be kinda gross.


[quote]RDeschain wrote:
It tasted kinda like…liquid cake. [/quote]

Ya, that’s a pretty good explanation I think. Liquefied cake batter.


Original is my favorite taste for any supplement ever. It tastes exactly like drinking angel food cake.