Surge Recovery Timing


I see that the diet mention Recovery immediately after training.
My question is, could it be taken 15 (or more) before training, at least a few sips.
a few sips during, and then finish it at end of training.

Similar to Plazma timing. I realize i can’t put more scoops as it will mess the total calories intake. or should it just be taken after training, and nothing else ?


Yes, this is perfectly fine. Consume about half before and during training, then the other half of the serving right after.

Thanks Chris!

I will start V-Diet soon :slight_smile:
I have it all here, but this month i am travelling almost every week.
While i can easily keep my solid diet even at restaurant (no alcohol, no dessert, no crap, only meat/fish and veggies), It’s a bit harder to have shakes only, during events or team meetings. so i don’t want to waste the diet, and i don’t want to do the light version.
I will do it straight to the point.

I have another question that came to mind:

I suppose after two weeks, the weight may change already. one may lose quite some fat and water. Would it be wise to recalculate the nutriment needs every 2 weeks with the V-Diet calorie program if there is at least 7-8 pounds or so lost for instance?
Or we don’t care and can stick to the same calorie needs till the end.

In my case i am 200 lbls and about 20% body fat, so i am hopping to see some quick results. (already lost 12 pounds with low carb, high fat / protein in solid food in the past 2 months. it’s not a lot, but getting there)

Sorry random question :slight_smile:


No need to recalculate. The calories are just low enough already. Any lower and you risk metabolism slowdown and rebound.

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