Surge Recovery flavors?


My wife started the V-Diet yesterday and she can’t stand the taste of the Raspberry Surge Recovery flavor(she has a sensitive palette). Has anyone tried the original? Is the original a fruit punch? I have the fruit punch Surge Workout Fuel and it’s pretty good.


Ive had the original… it is really sweet and takes some getting used to in my opinion. It doesn’t taste like fruit punch, to me its like a really sweet bubble gum flavor.

Has anyone tried the chocolate?

The chocolate is absolutely perfect. It tastes like chocolate milk, even when mixed with water. I’ve had all three flavors, and chocolate is the only one I buy anymore.

I would go with chocolate - I actually miss the raspberry flavour :frowning:

The best description I’ve heard of original flavor Surge Recovery is “liquid angel food cake.”

That pretty much nails it.

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