Surge Recovery Flavors


Hey Chris,

I bought the raspberry flavored Surge Recovery in my V-Diet package and it’s so hard to drink because of the taste…not a fan at all. Any suggestions or do I have to just suck it down?

Is the orginal flavor any better?

Has anyone else had the same experience?


Chocolate all the way. Sorry, that doesn’t help much with what you currently have. The raspberry Surge Recovery doesn’t taste bad mixed with a scoop of MAG-10 & liquid flavoring, though.

One of the things I also do when I’m looking to cut calories/carbs even in “recovery zone” is to cut the mixture 50/50 with a simple low-/ zero-carb whey isolate (I like Isopure)


Unless you want to blow the cash, I’d say just deal with it. Think of it as just something you have to do to get the results you want. It’s still better than the old days before I could afford Surge and I would mix vanilla whey into lemon-lime or cherry Gatorade for a post-workout shake (that tastes awful).

But seriously, original flavor Surge Recovery is brilliant. I work out just so I have an excuse to drink it. It’s like candy.

Chocolate tastes like Yahoo… which is fine, but the last thing I want to drink after a tough workout is yahoo, it almost makes me feel sick. I’ll stick to original all the way.


Step #1: Drink some unflavored protein or aminos.

Step #2: Go into gagging convulsions.

Step #3: Drink raspberry Surge Recovery.

Step #4: Be blown away by how good it actually is compared to the unflavored stuff.

Seriously, “just suck it up” is the best advice. Maybe add more water to lighten the flavor.

Everyone is different. For every hater of a certain flavor there’s a super fan of it too. And the truth is, people often love the flavor of Surge after a few days, even if they weren’t crazy about it on day #1.


I have had raspberry, and the flavor has grown on me. I also used to mix waxy maize into a protein drink for my PWO drink, Surge Recovery Raspberry is about 1000 times better tasting than that horrible concoction so I won’t complain.


I will just “suck it up”…but thanks everyone for the advice!!!


on my first V-Diet I bought raspberry Surge; it was by far the hardest thing about the diet. You know, I get a little irritated with some comments on “suck it up” cause when you’re dieting the sweetness of the Surge immediately after a workout makes it difficult not to puke. I ended up drinking it slower so that I wouldn’t puke, but my intensity of the workouts were quite high too. I’ve done the diet 4 times now (fifth coming this april) and switching to the original flavor really helped in this area.