Surge Recovery Flavor Changed (Chocolate)?


I just bought some more Surge Recovery in chocolate flavor because I have always loved the taste of that one, it’s a post-workout treat. It’s been about a year since I’ve had it though. The last time I bought it, they were still being put in the plastic jugs (I really miss that too).

My question is, was there a change in the formula for the Surge Recovery in Chocolate flavor? I noticed the after-taste had a hint of ‘Metabolic Drive’ flavor to it. Unfortunately, I hated the Metabolic Drive taste, especially after attempting the V-Diet a couple of times.

Anyway, I am just curious. I already have four bags of the stuff and I’ll definitely use it… It just seems different…


Just tried my first batch of the new Bag version… It is exactly as you describe. Tastes like Metabolic Drive, NOT the old chocolate surge

Kinda disappointed as I took advantage of their recent discount and loaded up on it… Sigh, a heads up on the flavor change would have been nice. They got rid of original flavor too, looks like no more Surge for me.

The new Surge Recovery Chocolate and Vanilla have been reformulated. They now utilize the same flavor system as our very popular Metabolic Drive Chocolate and Metabolic Drive Vanilla.

@Lonnie123 Our apologies for your disappointment. As you’ve come to expect over the years, Biotest is always striving to make the best products possible, and sometimes certain aspects of the products need to be tweaked to allow that to happen

If the only thing that changed was the taste (instead of something like using different proteins/carbs for a specific effect, and thus the taste changed) I think this was a step backwards. I guess using the same flavoring on both makes it easier for you guys from a supplier perspective… But I never really liked the MDrive taste, and would have preferred making Surge Chocolate the default if possible.

The new and improved Surge Recovery formula now includes a unique type of whey hydrolysate complex, with enzymes that continue to hydrolyze the protein after mixing with water.

We’ve also increased the amount of L-Leucine per serving by 3.75 grams.

And you’re right, we’re using the same high-quality flavoring system used in our best-selling flavors of Metabolic Drive Protein.

Interesting to see you continued to improve the product, even (as I understand it) other products have eaten into its popularity. Thanks for the info

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