Surge Recovery as Meal Replacement?

kdiedrich asks:

I have to say, I love your Recovery. It is literally the only protein supplement I’ve ever been able to drink. They all taste so bad! My question is, because it tastes good, it really is the only supplement I can use. But is it effective during the day as a meal replacement? Or should it only be taken right after workouts? With the high insulen content, I wonder if it helps or hurts more when used later in the day.

Have you tried Metabolic Drive? It’s won awards for taste. Mag-10 is another option. It’s not a “shake”, it’s almost more like a juice. The powder is unflavored (actually pretty unpalatable by itself) but comes with liquid flavorings like berry, lemon, lime, orange, or grape so you can customize it (no chocolate though).

It’s really not meant to have during the day. It is specifically designed with certain protein and carb sources to spike insulin levels, which is awesome around training but it’s basically the opposite of what you want during the day.

I guess you could “technically” mix it with whole milk and peanut butter or something to somewhat blunt the insulin spike, but that’s really using a screwdriver to drive a nail. A tool being misused for a given job.

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