Surge Recover "Original" Flavor Gone?

Say it aint so… Is the original flavor gone for good? I love the chocolate but like to mix it up with the original too. The vanilla is, for me, … Less than desirable :wink:

Colucci… Dont leave me hanging, bro

Ha, sorry man. From what I hear, it is, yeah. I’m guessing that with things like Plazma and SWF, Surge Recovery just fell back a bit overall and the old school “angel food” original ended up being the least popular of that line anyhow.

You can’t go wrong with the chocolate though, totally like Yoo-Hoo, I think. And if it helps any, I still shed a tear over not having root beer around, so I feel your pain.

Colluci… Massive flavor change with the new chocolate version. Tastes like Metabolic Drive now, not Surge Chocolate. A heads up on the product page in the form of a “Reformulated” or “New Flavor” would have been nice. Loaded up on 3 bags and the flavor (to me) is much less desirable than the old flavor.

Between this and the lack of Original flavor, looks like I might be done with Surge

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