Surge Raises Blood Sugar


Chris, is it ok to substitute Extend for Surge since Surge raised my blood sugar too high. I’m a former diabetic and the carbs are literally killing me. After 10 years I finally through diet and weights got off of the medication. Now I am trying to get down to normal.

Any other recommendations would be appreciated. I’m borderline type 2. I’m not asking for medical advice in case the question worries you :slight_smile: Thanks


I’d rather see you go with something like MAG-10.

But honestly, the best plan for you is not the V-Diet. It’s Indigo-3G.


Hmm, unfortunantly the V-Diet has already been paid for. I did see Indigo-3G and I was going to ask about it. I can get the MAG-10 and use that for the next 3 weeks and I am definetly going to try the Indigo-3G since you recommended it. I got everything on Monday and as of yesterday I was down 4 pds official weighins will be on Saturdays. Thanks for getting back to me.


Hi Nadajohn,

Firstly, how awesome is that that you’re not dependent on your medication anymore?

Just wanted to share something with you about MAG-10 if I may? Recently, I found out that I am hypoglycemic and therefor have blood sugars that dip very low. Not the same as what you had however, we both need to do the same thing really which is stabilize our sugar and keep things as even keel as we can, right?

Honestly, I would really, really suggest that you try it. My husband ordered it and now we both use it. Instead of having to eat a protein meal every couple of hours to prevent feeling horrible, I have been able to replace those “snacks” with a serving of MAG-10 and felt very good doing so. This in itself will lead to weight loss, etc if you watch your food intake as well since I have been able to decrease overall calories, feel better and still get what I need without a caloric surplus.

Also, a MAG-10 in the evening and my sugar doesn’t drop overnight like it used to. I will wake up in the morning not feeling like I got hit by a truck.

Good luck to you and good job so far.


Thanks for that report, Jackie_Jacked! Very cool stuff.


Thanks Jackie, I am going to try the Mag. Have you used the Indigo? That stuff looks like a diabetics dream or at least type 2 :slight_smile:


Haha Not yet, I’m pregnant now but believe me, I’ve been eye-balling Indigo and following other people’s results like a hawk. I’m beyond curious to know what kind of results one with blood sugar issues would have using it. If you get to it first, let me know!


[quote]Chris Shugart wrote:
Thanks for that report, Jackie_Jacked! Very cool stuff. [/quote]

No problem, Chris! It’s a pleasure to share if it can help someone else.