Surge & Insulin Sensitivity

In an older article by Mauro Di Pasquale, he explains why post workout carbs would be a step forward two step backward approach for those on a fat loss diet because it blunts the post exercise insulin sensitivity.

My question: Why would you want to blunt post exercise insulin sensitivity but try to increase it at all other times? Would not post workout be the most important time to increase insulin sensitivity and thus use more of a high protein/mod fat shake instead of something like surge until the person actually gets lean and earns the carbs?


In the real world, as tested by thousands of people, post-training carbs do not interfere with fat loss, plus most people on the V-Diet maintain their fat loss and never rebound. For example, I was never single-digit body fat until I did the V-Diet while formulating it. Four years later, still single-digit body fat. That just wouldn’t happen if I post-training carbs interfered in any way.

Honestly, I think some people dig and dig in the research and other theories, trying their best to find reasons to justify why they’re fat and shouldn’t diet. Others just get it done.

Thib apparently has been talking about this for a last week:

[quote]Christian Thibaudeau wrote:
Therizza wrote:

With regards to carb/protein post-workout nutrition, I have read that the ensuing insulin spike can be detrimental to insulin sensitivity if someone has a higher amount of body fat. Would you suggest not using the protocol unless sufficient insulin sensitivity is attained?

  1. I actually do not recommend post-workout carbs anymore. Catecholamines released during the training session reduces the response to insulin. So post-workout carbs are not super effective… not moreso than only post-workout protein.



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