Surge Fat Content?

wondering why they have 8-12 g of fat added to the new Surge? It seems they are making it more tasteful? Im glad the DL phenylalanine is gone but not sure i want fat pwo.

I’m not sure what you’re looking at. Surge Recovery does have 8g fat per serving for either flavor (never seen anything anywhere about 12g), but it’s still designed entirely for function.

The fat, carbs, and protein are balanced to help manipulate insulin release more effectively. If we cause a sharp and sudden insulin spike, then we’d have to deal with the resulting insulin crash afterwards. A bit of fat, in the desired ratio with the other macros, helps to ward off that otherwise-gnarly downside.

Also, sure, it’s probably to help with the texture and taste. That’s certainly not a bad thing either.

That was why I liked the old formula, "one should always plan a second meal replacement after " i find this empties to slow in the stomach , Thats the point of a PWO… The old formula was perfect except for DL phenylalinine in imo I have to now use other carb sources

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