Surge During V-Burn?


Chris - i’m starting V-Diet tomorrow and have 2 quick questions…

  1. i got my flaxseed from a local health food store and there is no serving size, so could you tell me how much to put in my shakes?
  2. i know you take the Surge during your 3 workouts during the week, but do you also take it when you do the v-burn workout?


  1. Typically, two tablespoons. And make sure it’s milled (ground up).

  2. No. Surge Recovery is a post-weight training drink. The V-Burn isn’t weight training.

  1. 1 table spoon per shake

  2. No Surge during V-Burn! surge is for weight lifting only.

I quantaextrapumalated 1 table spoon based on the number of fat require for a 200 pound male, minused out the flame out, the MD ( assuming chocolate flavor ) and the fat from peanut butter. That left me with about 6 grams of fat needed, and that comes out to 2 Tbps of flax.

You are welcome, keep it in the fridge and rock out the V-Diet.


Doh chris posted while I was doing math- so go with what he said :slight_smile: