Surge and/or Leucine Use?


Hey All,
wondering if anyone knows why or has experienced this with either use or combined of the above two supplement use.

After working out I would slam Surge with in 20 min i would start to get light headed and my body would start to over heat. I would have to literally eat something with in 20 min of slamming or get extremely dizzy/lightheaded and start sweating like some sort of farm animal

cause of this I stopped using.

currently i take 2 scoops of leucine and 2 scoops of BCAAs combined (sipping ) in between meals( 3 hours apart) and during my work outs and almost the same thing happens to me.

Bcaa alone doesn’t do this but when I add 2 scoops of Leucine it hits me with the same effect. not as bad as Surge would but very close

has anyone else experienced this? or know why?

thanks in advance


This happened to me with the old Anaconda protocol and anytime I used leucine as well. I believe the cause is due to leucine causing a drop in blood sugar. You can avoid this by know that it’s coming and having a meal prepared to eat.


Leucine does such a good job spiking insulin that the insulin then sucks away all of your blood sugar causing hypoglycemia.


Oh and just in case the above doesn’t make sense, having more carbs with and after you take your leucine should solve the problem.


kind of figured this … just didn’t know if I was an anomaly or not.

when i sip in between meals tho that one through me. the after a workout/during i can squelch with food but in between was crazy to experience

in addition i have noticed a slight weight gain even with a caloric deficit i have been ingesting about 10-12 scoops of added leucine to my 10-12 BCAA scoops a day over the last week… weight is measured both at night and upon waking every day, with a steady increase over the last week.

will see how it goes down the road
thanks again


was reading some more

existing hyperinsulinism due to islet cell tumor. is this BAD?

apparently this is what cause the hypoglycemia when you ingest large amounts of leucine