Surge and Lifting More Days a Week


Hi Chris,

I am on day 2 of the V-Diet, but I am not following the listed training programs. I train Wendler 5/3/1 four days a week and strongman (stones, yoke, axel, tires, etc.) one day a week for five total training days. If my schedule gets messed up I sometimes drop a day so at minimum 4 training days per week. I know the plan calls for three lifting days a week, and therefore 3 Surge shakes per week. Will I mess things up having Surge 4-5 times per week? Should I cut one scoop of Metabolic Drive per day to compensate? I am 6-2, 265 and my training days are pretty intense, hour long sessions with 2-3 lifts and a 10:00 finisher. Thanks for any advice!


A couple of extra servings of Surge should be fine for your size and workload. Adjust to your plan B only if needed.


Ok, thanks Chris. I’ll keep on eye on things and adjust as necessary.