Supps on a Budget

I’ve had to recently do a ton of biking to get to school and back, along with the gym and such. I can’t afford Plazma consistently, but I could definitely afford Finibars. Now, I know they’re not optimal, but considering they’re very good and calorie dense as well as easy to digest, would a few Finibars pre workout be a good addition, along with autoshipping Indigo.

Considering I can eat 500-600g carbs daily with all my walking to and from class+biking + intense lifting…I figured Finibars/Indigo would be a HUGE help to recovery.

Certainly. <a href=""target=“new”>Finibars would be perfect pre-workout and give Indigo-3G what it needs to repartition. In fact, for Indigo-3G users especially, Finibars are great for between meals as well when the goal is muscle mass. Sure beats the ol’ rice-and-chicken-in-Tupperware method.

thanks, chris! it sure does beat rice and chicken…haha

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